July 2020

Partial Return to Normalcy
We seem to be experiencing a partial return to normalcy here in Stillwater. However, medical mandates remain in place concerning mask wearing and social distancing. We have begun to translate for Latino men once again in court. We also had better attendance in our services, 12, 9, 11, and nine. We seem to be adjusting to the medical mandates and the way things are being done to accommodate them. For many churches, attendance has been seriously dampened, but we are running almost full capacity and rejoicing in the excellent spirit among the believers.
Prison Closure
Bro. Dick and Sis. Connie Gaches have been involved in the prison ministry for over forty years. The prison in Cushing, Ok., has closed permanently, and they have lost their prison ministry. However, Bro. Gaches still goes to the Payne County Jail for services on Sunday afternoon. There is a great spiritual vacuum in the jails and prisons, and this is a great burden to Bro. & Sis. Gaches.
Latino Ministry
I have not reported on the Latino outreach much because the Covid-19 virus has seriously truncated our contact with Latinos. Apparently the police have not been arresting very many of them because we have not been called into court to translate for them. However, this month we have seen four new Latino men and have translated for them in court. Their names are, Balan Dimas, Jose Gaspar, Francisco Ramirez, and Emmanuel Fernandez. I have been able to talk to Emmanuel about spiritual things a little bit because he is doing his community service with us.
Forty-Seventh Anniversary
With great rejoicing, Roxanne and I celebrated 47 years of happy marriage together on Sunday, July 26th. Roxanne had celebrated her birthday the day before with the Salomon Cardenas family coming to our house in the evening and bringing a Choco-flan birthday cake and Kentucky fried chicken to help us celebrate both occasions. We had the opportunity to speak of spiritual things concerning the Lord a little bit to them. Please pray for the Lord to open their eyes to be receptive to the true Gospel.
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow