And Jesus Wept – A Pastor’s Look at Pain – K. David Oldfield
Written with the knowledge that there is an urgent need to try to anticipate, alleviate, and array people in pain and for the future quakes and their aftershocks.

Study of the Lord’s Prayer (John 17) K. David Oldfield
Unlike the example that we have in the early chapters of Matthew and Luke, this really is the Lord’s prayer. We receive an intimate look at the Son’s and Father’s relationship to one another and learn much about the elect as well.

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carrollOur pastor has made available on CD the great commentary of  B.H. Carroll, “An Interpretation of the English Bible.”

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“The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller” is now available on CD. Andrew Fuller was the driving force behind the modern missionary movement among the Baptists and the man “who held the rope” for missionary William Carey. This CD contains a biography of Fuller’s life and all the important writings of this thought-provoking pastor and theologian. It is a must for every serious Baptist theologian whether you agree with him or not.

Continental U.S. Orders

For international orders please e-mail Pastor Oldfield.


Abstract of Systematic Theology — J. P. Boyce
Adoniram Judson — Francis Wayland (1796-1865)
Apostolic Ministry, The — Francis Wayland (1796-1865)
Backus, Isaac, The Life of — A. Hovey
Baptismal Regeneration — John Zeweniuk
Baptist Church Directory — Edward Hiscox (1814-1901)
Baptist History — J. M. Cramp
Baptists (The), Their Origin, Continuity, Principles (1860) — T. G. Jones
Baptized by One Spirit (I Corinthians 12:13) — Forrest Keener
The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia — L. P. Brockett (1879)
Body of Divinity — John Gill
Church that Jesus Built, The — Roy Mason
Do We Have the 1611 KJV Bible Today? — Dr. Phil Stringer
Essays on History — William Cathcart
Faith’s Checkbook — C.H. Spurgeon
Fifty Years Among the Baptists — David Benedict (1779-1874)
Foxes Book of Martyrs
Francis Wayland — Minister/Economist — Lawrence Vance
Gill’s Commentary on the Bible
George Washington’s Letter to the Baptist Churches of Virginia
Goat Yard Declaration of Faith (1729) — John Gill
The Gospel its Own Witness — Andrew Fuller
Haldane, Robert, The Life of — Alexander Haldane
History of English Baptists — Joseph Ivimey
History of the Baptists — G.H. Orchard (Introduction by J. R. Graves)

History of the Scotch Plains Baptist Church (N.J.) 1747-1897
History of the Waldenses — Andrew Fuller
Inspiration of the Scriptures — B. H. Carroll
John Ploughman’s Talks — C.H. Spurgeon
Letters on the Ministry of the Gospel — Francis Wayland (1796-1865)
Local, Visible Ekklesia, The — J.P. Boyce (1857)
London Baptist Confession of Faith (1644)
London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)
The Missionary Dilemma — Fred Nimmo
Old Landmark Reset, An — J.M. Pendleton
New Hampshire Baptist Declaration of Faith (1833)
Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith (1742)
Principles and Practices of the Baptists — Francis Wayland (1796-1865)
Saint Patrick the Baptist — L.K. Landis
The Trail of Blood — J. M. Carroll
The Translators to the Readers — (Preface to the 1611 King James Bible, edited and reworded into modern English).
Virginia Baptist Ministers — J. B. Taylor (1819-1871)
Waldensian Confession of Faith (1120)
Welsh Succession of Primitive Baptist Churches — Michael Ivey
Why Be a Baptist — H. Boyce Taylor