Baptist Church Websites

As independent Baptists we cannot control the doctrines or materials put out by other churches. We recommend the following sites but may not indorse everything found there.

Bryan Station Baptist Church — Lexington, Kentucky, Pastor Brent Spears
This church has a glorious history and a fruitful ministry. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Contents” to connect with some wonderful Baptist books and articles.

Carmichael Baptist Church — Carmichael, California, Pastor Bill Brown
This web-site contains an abundance of great links, articles and Baptist confessions of faith all from a Sovereign Grace, Landmark Baptist position.

Faith Missionary Baptist Church — Paducah, Kentucky, Pastor Jerry Asberry
This site is filled with good Baptist information.

First Baptist Church — Harrison, Ohio, Pastor Ronny Wolfe
This church has a long and glorious history, and its web-site opens a variety of doors.

Grace Baptist Church — Florence, Kentucky, Pastor Wilbert Ellis
Like so many in this part of the United States, this church has a wonderful history, and we have known of the ministry of her for some time. A good website here.

Anchorage Sovereign Grace Baptist Church — Anchorage, Alaska, Pastor Ken Carter
Brother Carter and his wife were raised here in North Idaho, and they often return for visits.  We have preached for each other and enjoy good fellowship.

Hidden Hills Baptist Church — Located in the beautiful “Hidden Hills” of Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains, Pastors Craig Thurman and Leon King.   This church manages two websites.   Accessing the second takes you to dozens of audio messages and other useful Baptist material.

Landmark Baptist Church — Archer, Florida, Pastor Greg Wilson
Here is an extensive web-site with plenty of articles and sound Baptist links. Any good student could spend hours here.

Philadelphia Baptist Church — Decatur, Alabama, Pastor Doyle Thomas
A great source for sermons, articles and books.

Nampa Sovereign Grace Baptist Church — This group is a mission of our church here in Post Falls, Idaho.