Generally speaking, the word “tribulation” refers to (tribulating; tripping during ambulation; affliction; trouble).

How many different kinds of tribulation might there be (three; several; many; hundreds)? ???????

Is (persecution; hatred by others; the time of Jacob’s troubles; winning the lottery) persecution? Not lottery

Acts 14:22 prophesies that Christians will suffer (persecution, tribulation, the plague; death). Tribulation

John 16:33 prophesies that Christians will suffer (persecution, tribulation, AIDs; death). Tribulation

Is tribulation the same thing as (affliction; persecution; the tribulation; death)? Not necessarily

When we speak of “the tribulation,” Calvary Baptist Church is referring to (Jacob’s trouble; seven years of God’s wrath poured out upon the earth; the persecution of God’s church; privation and starvation).

Daniel 12:1.

“The children of thy people” are (Danielle and Dan Junior; our grandchildren; Israel; the children of Jacob).

This verse is speaking (generically; allegorically; of a specific day; of a future period). Day & period

1935 to 1945 was (a terrible time; a tribulation; the very worst period; the time about which Daniel was writing) for the people of Israel in Europe. A terrible time of tribulation

This verse says that this “time of trouble” will last (10 years; 7 years; 6 months; it doesn’t say). Doesn’t

The Lord will deliver (those registered; the Jews; the elect; the church) out of this trouble. Elect, recorded

Jeremiah 30:7-9.

In both Daniel 12:1 and this scripture we find the same word (Israel; church; trouble; yoke). Trouble

This time, that word is modified with the adjective (bad; severe; sept; Jacob’s) Jacob’s

This scripture seems to be speaking about (several different periods of trouble; Nazi Germany; the Babylonian captivity; another certain specific period of trouble). Upcoming, unfulfilled time of trouble

Some of the results of this trouble will be (salvation; freedom; the Messiah; worship). All of these

Matthew 24:21, 29-30.

This is different from the events of Dan. 12 and Jere. 30 because (this is in the New Testament; Jesus is the God of love; Jesus was not a true prophet; it speaks of the moon). Same event

In this scripture the word “trouble” is pronounced (“truble;” “trable;” “trauble;” “tribulation”). Tribulation

What adjective does Matthew use to replace “Jacob’s” (great; Israel’s; the church’s’ God’s) Great

Only Israel’s time in (Egypt; Babylon; the wilderness; Germany) will be worse than this time. Never worse

The words “of those days” suggests that (it will be short; it is specific; it will be only in the day-light; it will be obvious). Specific period of time

During this time (the sun will grow dark; the moon will disappear; stars will fall; the heavens will be shaken).

Mark 13:24-27.

This is (apparently; figuratively; allegorically; not at all) talking about the same thing as Matthew 24.

The phrase “in those days, after the tribulation” suggests (generality; a specific time; there will be tribulation; that this may be ignored). There will be tribulation at a future specific time

Daniel 9:24-27.

How often does the Bible describe the Jewish month as being divided into four weeks (once; 10 times; 47 times; never). Never

In Gen. 29, after Jacob fell in love with Rachel, he was told that if he worked for (seven days; seven years; a week; seven hours) he could marry her. A week of years

If the weeks in Dan. 9 are “weeks of years” (as many scholars believe) then the final week would last (seven days; a week; a year; seven years). Seven years

That week will be (awful; troublesome; tribulational; desolate). All of these

The nature of the Tribulation.

The Day of the Lord will include (yesterday; tribulation; peace; the reign of Christ). Not yesterday

“The Day of the Lord” has that name because (God will be in control; it will last for a day; it will be great fun; it will be filled with God’s grace). The Lord will orchestrate everything

How many times is “the day of the Lord” found in the Bible (9, 19, 29, 39)? Twenty-nine verses

Many of those scriptures are filled with words like (vengeance; wrath; joy; terror). Not joy

The thousand year, millennial, reign of Christ is described with words like (vengeance; joy; peace; prosperity). Not vengeance

Of these four things, the Day of the Lord will begin with (yesterday; the glorious coming of Christ; the millennium; the tribulation). The tribulation

The Day of the Lord will last (seven years; a thousand years; a million years; about 1,007 years). 1,007

Besides the Lord Himself, the Day of the Lord will primarily focus on what group of people (Gentile saints; angels; Israel; demons). Israel – the children of Jacob

The Tribulation is sometimes called (Jacob’s trouble; Israel’s glory; Jesus’ reign; the Day of the Lord).

The Tribulation is never called (the Millennial Kingdom; the Gentile’s rest; the Day of God’s glory; the sabbath). Never any of these

It is called Jacob’s trouble because (Jacob will be raised from the dead; the ghost of Jacob will scare people; Israel will be in tribulation; aliens will invade from outer space).

The primary characteristic of the Tribulation will be (joy; judgment; jubilation; joviality). Judgment

“For the day of the ____________ of hosts shall be upon every one that is ___________ and __________, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought __________:”

“Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a ________________ from the _________.”

“Behold, the day of the LORD __________, cruel both with _____________and fierce __________, to lay the land desolate: and he shall __________________ the sinners thereof out of it.”

“For it is the day of the LORD’S __________________, and the year of ____________________ for the controversy of Zion.”

The Tribulation is primarily designed to judge (the world for its sins against Israel; the church for its worldliness; Israel for her sins against the Gentiles; Israel for her sins against God). Israel against God

The Gentile world will (not be affected by the tribulation; feel the effects of that judgment; be glorified; be delighted that the Jews finally get what they deserve). Will be judged as well

According to Isa. 24; Rev. 6 and other scriptures, during the Tribulation vast populations of people (will die; will be tormented; will be filled with hatred toward God and the people of God; will be destroyed). All

According to Rev. 8, during the Tribulation much of the earth’s water will become (blood-like; poisonous; polluted; filled with death). All

According to Rev. 8, during the Tribulation (10%; 33%; 50%; 79.83%) of the earth’s forests will be (eaten by bugs; eaten by people; burned up; petrified). A third will be burned

During the Tribulation, the sky, the atmosphere, the heavens will be (toast; chaotic; confusing; the source of death). All of these

According to Zeph 1:18 and Rev. 13:16-17, during the Tribulation, the world’s economy will be (agriculturally based; chaotic; gold based; diabolically managed). (Requires Satan’s mark)

The Tribulation will be a time of wrath – (Jehovah’s; Satan’s; man’s; nature’s). Nature???

The primary source of the troubles of the Tribulation will be (God, Satan, the Anti-Christ; mankind). God

According to Matthew 24:21-22, if the Tribulation extended much beyond seven years (there would be nothing left; humanity would be destroyed; God would be glorified; justice would be served).

All of the above mentioned things should be considered (figuratively, allegorically; literally, with a grain of salt).

Which of these will not be a part of the Tribulation (angels; the Anti-Christ; the false prophet; Satan). All

The Anti-Christ will (have a small roll; be slain; lead the world against Israel; be worshiped) during the Tribulation.

When the Anti-Christ sets himself up as God, it is called (blasphemy; stupidity; absurdity; the abomination of desolation).

Jehovah will (not be happy; take vengeance; judge him; will judge those who worship him). All

The Tribulation will end with (the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ; the repentance of Israel; the destruction of those who hate Israel; the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom). All