Which is an accurate synonym for “regeneration?” (Forgiveness, salvation, the new birth, justification)? Birth

To which of the following does regeneration most closely relate? (forgiveness, life, peace, eternity) Life

Primarily, why do living people need re-generation? (God’s wrath, stupidity, weakness, death) Death


“Regeneration” is related to “salvation” as a (Synonym, antonym, antigen, constituen) Constituent

List as many segments of salvation as you can recall. Forgiveness, regeneration, adoption, atonement, justification, sanctification, glorification


In the natural world, some of the ways in which a child may enter a family include (birth, osmosis, surgery, adoption). All but osmosis.

In life, has there ever been the adoption of a child which was not preceded by a some sort of birth?

Has there ever been a conception and birth which was not deliberately planned by the parents?

Would you say that most births are planned and welcomed by the parents?

Has there ever been an adoption which was not deliberately planned by the adoptive parents?

Have you ever heard of a child who forced a couple to adopt him?

Which is more valuable to a family {not which is more loved} (a new born son, a new born daughter, a rebellious teenage, a mature, strong, healthy child and heir)? Heir

Is adoption an aspect of God’s salvation?

Has anyone ever been adopted into the family of God who was not also born of God?

Which came first – adoption or birth?

Has anyone forced God to adopt him?

From what you know, is “forgiveness” the same thing as “justification”?

Is “sanctification” the same thing as “atonement?”

Is “regeneration” the same thing as “adoption?”

How many scriptures speak of “adoption?” (5, 10, 15, 25) Five

There are (more, none, less, the same number of) scriptures which speak about “regeneration” and the “new birth” as there are which speak of “adoption.” Less. John 3; I Peter 1:23; Titus 3:5

This proves that which one is more important than the other? They are both equally important.

Logically speaking, which is more valuable to God (a new born son, a new born daughter, a rebellious teenage, a mature, strong, healthy child and heir)? Heir

In the customs of Biblical times, a new born son an was (a head-ache, always an heir, a potential heir, a loved member of the family) Potential heir

In the New Testament, what was the act which made a son an heir? (Circumcision, baptism, catechism, adoption) Adoption

Biblically speaking “adoption” refers to (the placing of a son, graduation, acceptance, heirship) All

According to Rom. 8:15, why is it that we cry “Abba” unto God? (Hunger, pain, adoption, grace) Adoption

How does the nation of Israel illustrate spiritual adoption? (She was born out of sorrow; she was the child of Jacob; she loved Jehovah; she was claimed by God) Claimed by grace.

How does Moses in Ex. 2:10 illustrate spiritual adoption? (He climbed Sinai; he turned his back on Egypt; he beat upon the rock; he was taken by Pharoah’s daughter.) Explain.

How does Moses in Heb. 11:24 fail to illustrate spiritual adoption? (He rejected his adoptive parent; he sinned; he believed in God; he was given the law). Explain. He rejected

Can someone reject or veto God’s desire to adopt him into His family?

According to Gal. 4:5, why have you been redeemed? (To go to Heaven; to testify of grace; to receive adoption; to escape Hell). “That we might receive the adoption of sons.”

According to Eph. 1:5, through whom have we been adopted? (Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit; God, some evangelist). Jesus Christ.

According to Eph. 1:5, what motivated our adoption? (Clean living; generous giving; the good pleasure of God; our broken hearts) Good pleasure of His will.

According to Eph. 1:5 what explains why we have been adopted? (Clean living, generous giving, our repentance, the predestination of God) Predestination.

What is the meaning of that word? (Election; pre-ordain; determine ahead of time; choose). Pre-ordain

Galatians was a letter sent by Paul to what sort of people? (Aliens from another planet; aliens from the commonwealth of Israel; Hebrews; Gentiles with a Roman background) Gentiles

According to this chapter, was a small child an actual heir to his father’s estate? No.

As far as legal rights and power, that small child was not really any better than (a pet, a servant, a piece of furniture, a trophy). A servant – verse 1At what point did that child become anything more? (Age 6; age 16; when his father died; at the time his father appointed) “Until the time appointed of the father” – verse 2

What was the responsibility of the governors and tutors towards the children? (Spankings, instruction, maturation, sanctification) All

According to verse 3, spiritually what did the children represent? (Babies, unconverted elect, general sinners, students) ElectSpiritually, what did the governors and tutors represent? (Sunday School teachers, gospel preachers, the Holy Spirit, servants) All but servants?

According to verses 4 & 5, because of the coming and sacrifice of Christ what could the children become? (Adopted sons, heirs, saints of God, rich) All

By whom or what is anyone enabled to call God his Father? The Holy Spirit

What does “Abba” mean? (Swedish pop music; the head monk; father; sir) FatherAccording to verse 7, if someone is a son of God, that person is also (a daughter of God; angelic; saved; an heir) Heir

Which of these is not a part of the inheritance of the saints of light? (Eternal life; glory; perfect health; fabulous wealth)According to Old Testament law, was a man’s inheritance to be divided equally among his children?

Could someone share his inheritance if he wanted to?According to verse 7, through what means will the inheritance of God be given to any of His saints? (Divine will; human worthiness; heavenly jurisprudence; Christ Jesus) Christ

God’s saints are all “sons.”

When did the process of adoption begin? (At the cross, at Jesus’ birth, before the foundation of the earth; when we believed). Eph. 1:4-5

At what point in time does someone become a “son of God”? (Christ’s death; the application of His blood; our birth; our faith) Gal. 3:26 – “For ye are all children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.”

When does our adoption become complete or “official”? (Our conversion; the redemption of our body; our baptism; our death) Rom. 8:23 – “Waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.”

“Behold, what manner of ___________ the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the ______ of _____________: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. Beloved, now are we the _____________ of _________, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.”