Dear Pastor and Brethren:
More Visitors
Natasha, who is studying veterinary medicine at OSU, and Jeff, from California, an old friend of Bro. Gaches, and Ally, the lady friend of Bro. Hunter Northern all came at least once this month to visit with us. Of them all, only Ally has returned with Hunter, and is now coming about every other Sunday with Bro. Hunter. All have heard the Gospel and have been invited to come to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith for eternal salvation.
The Latino Ministry
We had ten Hispanic men with whom we were able to work this month, one being from El Salvador, one being from Nicaragua, the rest from Mexico, and one Mexican woman, Leticia, calling us at ten o’clock at night to help her with her airline tickets for herself and her baby. All of the men were involved in legal troubles in jail or in court or both. Unfortunately, I don’t always get to give Gospel tracts to all involved because it depends on the circumstances I find myself in when present with them. Luis, from Nicaragua while doing community service with us, called his mother and introduced her to me. She is an “evangelista,” a Pentecostal. We exchanged introductory pleasantries and then terminated the call. As a result of that conversation, I have invited Luis twice to come to our services, but he hasn’t come yet.
Personal Note
Roxanne made the trip to Edmond for the thyroid uptake scan with the help of Solomon Cardenas and his wife, Raquel. They came to our house and volunteered to take Roxanne to relieve me from the fatigue of driving the distance. Their help was, indeed, a blessing, for I cannot drive long distances without suffering terrible fatigue the next day. I think it is the constant stress at remaining alert in traffic while driving at speeds of 65- 75 mph that wears me out so completely. Anyway, the Lord interceded and Roxanne arrived home without incident. The results of the scan will be revealed on the twenty-fifth of October as well as the action to be taken on her thyroid. Thanks for your prayers, and please continue to prayer for us as we serve the Lord.
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow