Pastor and Brethren:

We have had a month of increased activity at the courthouse of Payne County, Ok., translating from English into Spanish and Spanish into English. Because of the changes in legal procedure, I do not always get an opportunity to present the clients with a Gospel tract or speak to them of their need of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only when they get out of custody and have to fulfill legal requirements and they come to us to help them fulfill those requirements do we get more opportunities to talk to them now. Such is the case with Darwin Julian who has one hundred hours of community service to do as only part of his chastisement for driving drunk and getting caught the second time. I did have the opportunity to talk to him of spiritual things, finding out that his parents in Mexico are members of an Assembly of God religious society. Darwin is living with a Mexican American woman but won’t marry her for some reason. I witnessed to him from that point of view, and he listened but made no attempt to indicate a change of heart or mind. The Devil has so much false religion and deceitfulness in the world that it takes a lot of talking to unravel falsity and then plant truth in the mind which the Holy Spirit of God can then use to bring about conviction for sin if He so desires. I invited Darwin to come to our services with his girlfriend, but they live in Cushing which is about thirty miles away making it difficult for them to attend. Jose Bautista, who comes to our services, has told me that he is willing to translate my sermons into Spanish when a Spanish speaker comes to the services, and he has invited two such men who work with him to come. They have not yet come, but you can see the potential involved and the prayer needed for this endeavor.

Other Activities

We did get to see our new great-grand baby, Marie, on August 24th. Most of our entire family came up with Marie’s mother, Ruth, to visit us on that day. She is a beautiful baby in our opinion, and that is what counts among family members. Please remember them in your prayers if possible. Marie’s mother and dad are not believers and have fallen into this modem woke ungodliness.

Alfred Smith did go out into eternity and left his wife, Cheryl, alone of course. We have been trying to help her with spiritual things and common sense advice.

By His grace and in loving gratitude

Tim and Roxanne Parrow