Dear Pastor and Church,
“That ye may know that ye have eternal life” 1 John 5.13

July – September 2021

Praise the Lord for new births! Another soul has been born again, and Shelley and I have become grandparents!
On the 14th of June, Caitlin and Joshua welcomed little Archer into their lives! They are all healthy and happy and serving the Lord in their local church where Joshua is stationed with the US Army. Caitlin sends us photos every day, and would you believe that Archer is just the cutest little man?! That’s Archer to the right getting the US Army sorted out!

Then earlier this year, I was told I needed to have a hip replacement, and I started a free exercise and physiotherapy program leading up to the surgery. Jennifer was one of the physiotherapists, and when she heard I was a pastor she told me she needed to begin a spiritual journey. She had many questions over the next few weeks, and I shared the gospel with her, gave her our church tract, and invited her to church – not thinking she would come. But then one day out of the blue she asked me if she could actually come to church. She attended Sunday mornings for a month, saying that she had started her spiritual journey, and she believed she was a Christian now. A few of her other Christian friends told her they were happy for her. But finally, last Sunday morning after church she asked to talk to me. She said she was struggling with not knowing if God was listening to her prayers. So, while our church members fellowshipped around us, and brought us morning tea, I took her through the gospel again and encouraged her to settle it for sure, if she was actually born again … or not. I told her that she needed to know for sure, and she needed to have it settled in her heart for sure. She said she would go home and think it through again. When I saw her on Tuesday, she told me that on Sunday afternoon she had thought through the whole thing again and then prayed and asked the Lord to forgive her and save her.

Three of our other “newborn” Christians from last year have been growing in the Lord. Please continue to pray for Cook, Grant and Torika. Their love for the Lord and desire to know Him better is such an encouragement! When they say things like, “Pastor, I’m praying about such and such, to see what the Lord would have me do.” Our hearts are thrilled. Or they say, “So, if we keep our eyes on the Lord and try to be kind to everyone around us then we really don’t have to worry about all the terrible news going on in the world.” Exactly! Only the Lord can save these people from the captivity, broken hearts, and the entanglements that surround us. It is refreshing to see people who learn the truth of ”Take the world, but give me Jesus!”

We continue to covet your prayers!

New converts to follow the Lord in scriptural baptism.

Our many visitors, some for salvation and others to understand what God would have them do.

My hip replacement on Wednesday 11 August and rehab through September.

Our four church men, which includes our two sons, are preaching for a few weeks while I recover.

Please pray for them: Madison, Hamish, Andrew, and Kim. They are nervous and excited.

Our Sunday morning attendance is up again with a lot of unsaved people in attendance.

In His Service,

Frank Tottingham