September 2019

Dear Pastor and Brethren:
Six New Visitors!
The Cody and Jeanette Sworb family with baby and her daughter, Erica, visited with us one Sunday, and two OSU students, Ashton Mainord and Kaleb Vance visited with us on another Sunday. We have not had very many OSU (Oklahoma State University) students visit with us so they were a pleasant surprise. They had visited the big Southern Baptist churches here in the area but didn’t feel comfortable in them because of their size. They came from a small Southern Baptist church in Norman, Ok., and said that they were looking for a small church so that they could get to know the people. We were as friendly with them as we could be, but they haven’t been back, nor has the Sworb family. All of them heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in my messages, I assure you! LaShonda and her two sons returned one Sunday, and we were happy to see them in our service. She is looking for a better job now that she has her new bachelors’ degree.
Hispanic Outreach
Roxanne and I had the opportunity to deal with 26 Latinos and one American girl in our attempt to reach other people with the gospel. Each one of these people have their own story to tell. All but the American girl were involved one way or another in an ICE raid on two local restaurants here in the city of Stillwater. All of them were here working quietly, but illegally, in those restaurants and immigration agents showed up one morning and arrested them all and took five of them to the immigration jail in Tulsa. We have been busy translating for them in conjunction with an immigration attorney here in Stillwater. All of them have been given a date to show up for immigration court in Dallas, Tx. As I have said many times in the past, we try to give them all a gospel tract pointing them to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Seldom do we get any feedback from them about spiritual things. I encourage them to read the tract and can only hope that the Lord will use it to deal with their spiritual need. I have a great deal of competition for their souls because the Roman Catholic church here has sponsored the mobile Mexican Consulate to help Mexican illegals get their Mexican matriculas and passports for identification purposes. It also brings in lawyers that teach them their “rights” so that they can evade capture by the ICE agents and other things. I am so very happy that the Lord is in control and that by His sovereign grace He will use His Word and bring His people to Himself
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow