In July, 1750, Samuel Cartledge was born into the family of a Quaker/Anglican family. As a young man he became a constable for Richmond County, Georgia. In that capacity, one day he was sent out to arrest Daniel Marshall, because that man had been preaching Christ without a licence. Arriving during a service, not only did he hear the gospel from the mouth of the Baptist preacher, but following her husband’s arrest, Mrs. Marshall cornered the constable and even more forcibly reiterated his need of the Saviour. The Holy Spirit took over and soon Sam Cartledge was born again. In 1777, Daniel Marshall, the man Cartledge arrested, baptized him in Kiokee Creek. Over time Bro. Cartledge became a deacon of the Kiokee church, and led some of the services when his pastor was out on his evangelizing trips.

When the Lord called Bro. Cartledge into the ministry, he moved to South Carolina where he became the pastor of the Callahan’s Mill Church. He served there for more than fifty years. Also shortly after his arrival, he also began to preach at the Plum Branch Baptist Church, serving there for fifty years as well. During his long ministry in those places he regularly preached in at least three other places. During that half century ministry the Lord consistently poured out His blessings, but especially on several occasions of revival. The Callahan Church eventually grew by more than 200 percent and the others were blessed as well. Eventually, it was said that more than a thousand people had been won to Christ through the ministry of Samuel Cartledge.

On this day in 1843, when he was ninety-three years old, Sam got up in the morning and shared with his family Paul’s words, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” That day he planned to visit some believers in Georgia, but before he reached his destination, he was thrown from his horse and died.

Once again, we have an account of a persecutor of God’s people, becoming one of God’s people, just like the Apostle Paul.