The Importance of the Resurrection of Christ.

Which world religion which bases its claim to acceptance on the resurrection of its founder? (Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism)

How strong, or important, is the relationship between the death of Christ and His resurrection? (Secondary, tertiary, quaternary, inconsequential)

If Christ be risen then our preaching and your faith is what? (Sane, jain, wane, vane, urbane)

If Christ be not raised we are yet in what? (Idaho, pain, poverty, ignorance, sin)

If Christ be not risen then they which are fallen asleep in Christ are what? (Dreaming, perished, vanquished, sluggish, hungry)

The resurrection of Christ is (an appendage to, a constitutive part of, an after thought to, an essential part of) the gospel message.

How quickly after the resurrection of Christ, was that resurrection being preached by the apostles?

Which is the first verse after the resurrection, where the resurrection was preached? (Acts 10:41-42; Acts 17:2-3; Acts 4:33; Acts 3:14-15; Acts 2:23-24)

Which of the following verses does NOT prove that the apostles preached the resurrection of Christ? (Acts 10:41-42; Acts 17:2-3; Acts 4:33; Acts 3:14-15; Acts 2:23-24)

In what way could we say that Christ’s honor depended upon His resurrection? (All His miracles would have been void, those He resurrected would have instantly died; He promised His own resurrection; the Father would have been disappointed)

Which of the following does not promise Christ’s resurrection? (Matt. 12:39,40; John 2:20; 22: Matt. 28:9-20)

How long did Jesus spend on earth between His resurrection and His ascension? ( a week, a month, 13 days, 40 days).

Why did Christ spend that much time on earth before His ascension? (He was gathering evidence of man’s sin; He was establishing evidence; He was trying to be seen by men; He wanted to irritate the Jews)

If the resurrection actually took place, what does that do to any arguments against Christianity? (Quashes, squashes, crushes, destroys – them)

The nature of Christ’s Resurrection.

What are some of the false doctrines about Jesus’ death which are related to His resurrection? (He fainted; He was drugged; He used magical trickery, the entire story is fiction)

How dead was Jesus when He died? (Mostly dead; spiritually dead, physically dead, completely dead)

What generally happens to people who are stabbed in the side? (They giggle from the tickle, they die, they curse and swear, they retaliate)

Why was Joseph of Arimathaea given permission to bury the body of Christ? (He was rich, He was a disciple, He asked for it, Jesus was dead)

What did the Centurion in charge of the crucifixion think about Jesus? (He was God, He was handsome, He was dead, He had fainted)

Why did the women bring spices to Jesus’ burial? (Because they wanted to honor Him, because they were near their expiry date, because He had asked them).

Why didn’t the soldiers break Jesus’ legs? (The bones were too hard, they were too soft, the soldiers were too tired, they disliked their officers).

How dead was Jesus when He died? (Mostly dead; spiritually dead, physically dead, completely dead)

Three days after His death, Jesus appeared to be (different, weak from His wounds, robust and completely restored, hungry)

After the resurrection what was in Joseph’s tomb? (Linen clothes, air, two bodies, the body of Christ)

How likely would it be that the disciples would have taken Jesus’ body but to leave the linen clothes?

How trustworthy is the message of an angel of God (Matthew 28:6; Mark 16:6)?

How likely would the miraculous resurrections of others be true, but not the resurrection of the Miracle Worker?

With some deliberate exceptions when the disciples saw the resurrected Christ what did they recognize? (Jesus Christ, a zombi, a dead man walking, a ghost)

What would Rom. 8:11, 23; Eph. 1:19-20; Phil. 3:20-21 and I Thess. 4:13-17 mean if it wasn’t for the literal resurrection of Christ? (Nothing, confusion, the end of Christianity, no salvation from sin)

Of what was Jesus’ resurrection body composed? (Mist, Jesus’ last meal, flesh and blood, confusion)

Christ’s body could be (touched, fed, recognized, confined to a locked room)

Christ’s body could and did (vanish, pass through locked doors, take on disguises, travel quickly).

Christ’s resurrection body wasn’t exactly like His pre-crucifixion body because (it bore wounds, it apparently didn’t bleed, it was transparent, it was frightening)

The credibility of Christ’s resurrection.

What does the word “credibility” means (Acceptance at a bank, a financial score, believability, crudulity)

Does Joseph’s empty tomb prove the resurrection of Christ? It gives evidence, but not absolute proof.

Do the statements of the guards at Joseph’s tomb prove the resurrection of Christ?

Why do Christians worship on the Lord’s Day? (To mark a difference between us and the Jews; to get the week started off well, because Roman Catholicism established the Sunday tradition; because Sunday is the Day of the Son)

What turned the frightened disciples into flaming evangelists? (Drugs, memories of Christ, embarrassment about returning to their old lives, the rich rewards of serving in a new religion)

How many witnessed the resurrection? (The two guards, over 500 brethren, none, the women, Peter & John)

In American jurisprudence, how many witnesses are necessary to prove a murder? ( 1, 2, 3, 7)

In Biblical jurisprudence how many witnesses are necessary to prove just about any thing? (1, 2, 3, 7)

About how many people met or saw the resurrected Christ? (Over a million; over a thousand, over half a thousand, over and over)

Did the disciples have anything to gain in telling the world that they had seen the resurrected Christ?

Can the witness of the apostles be trusted?

The results of Christ’s resurrection.

For Jesus, what did the resurrection prove? (That He was smart, that He was strong, that He was telling the truth; that He was the Son of God)

Christ was delivered for our ——————- and raised again for our ———————-

Could any of us have justification (salvation) apart from the resurrection of Christ?

Was it the resurrection of Christ which produced our salvation?

In type, if nothing more, what did the resurrected Christ do when He got to Heaven? (Rested, rejoiced, sprinkled His blood on the Mercy Seat, played poker with a few of the angels)

Eternal life is actually Christ’s life; if Christ had remained dead, would we have eternal life?

What is Christ doing for us at this time? (Meditating on our behalf, mediating on our behalf, laughing at us, interceding for us)

If we die, as most Christians have died since the time of Christ, what does Jesus’ resurrection suggest will happen to us? (We shall be buried like Him, our bodies will rot; our families will mourn; we shall be raised from the grave)

In I Corinthians 15 Paul is talking about what kind of resurrection? (Ethereal, spiritual, bodily, physical)

John 5:22 says that “the Father —————— no man, but hath committed all (hope, judgment, questions, returns) unto the Son.”

If Christ was not raised from death, what might we assume would happen to the wicked?

“As in ————————– all die, even so in Christ shall all be made —————————-”

Acts 17:31 says that there is a day of judgment coming. Paul’s argument is based on what? Resurrection

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is Christ’s literal resurrection from the dead?