Preach the Word

Therefore I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. 2Tim.2:10

Blest and Loved, Dear ours in the Christ, David, your family and church of God at you, the grace and blessings of God, to all of you yes will be increased!!!

We always remember you, and we pray for you!

We really live in difficult days. The sin was up in arms against all inhabitants of the earth. The Lord for rebelliousness of people to the Bible doctrine, allows to create to the people everyone is angrily boundless. These are punishments for non-believers. Yes, we often hear from internet news that in the west of church of different names, die and sell buildings of churches under pubs and discos. In the ancient time, the Lord has punished Israel for deviation, madness, and has deprived of their protection so, they were taken prisoner pagans. When tsars receded from the law of God impiety filled the country, and the sin was multiplied. In modern world occurs too most. But our hope, Eternally live Lord, God the Almighty dominating over all!!!

We as are coming before the Grace throne, and we ask Jesus, to send abundance of grace on us that we could reach the gospel of sinners in Siberia!

We thank you for your fidelity to God, and self-denying work for glory of God. We ask the Lord to send you a lot of grace and to strengthen you in belief and to increase your love to God.

We thank you for support of our service. Your prayers for us the biggest riches, we trust, all depends on God. Therefore we of blessings thirst from the Lord!

In Russia, as well as in other places in world, churches were filled with carnal “Christians” who have entered into church modern methods of “worship”. It is wordly type of service, satisfaction of a flesh and sinful desires of carnal people. I preached against wordly worship much, it causes the big counteraction from all who has divinity Men-centre. Our sermons look many people, and many argue and resist to true. But grace of God, we continue to preach and extend a fragrance of glory of sovereign God!

For 2014, more than 93 000 persons have visited a site of our church! Praise to the Christ!!! More than 18 000 sermons, have been seen, and more than 40 000 listened to the same sermons in an audio format. In December and January, I told a number of sermons on TULIP, explaining Scriptures under these doctrines. It has given the big encouragement to children Divine. And us look on internet many people from different churches men-centre. They write us letters, argue, swear, but there are those people whom the word of God reaches also they obey the Sovereignty of God. Praise to the Almighty!!!

We continue to visit different villages with the sermon of the gospel of Grace Divine. We extend disks with our sermons, and we extend books, booklets and Bibles, for wishing to know about the Christ! In this service you to us the big help. Yes the Lord will bless you!

God gives to our church of new people who visits our meetings, and listen to sermons on glory of the Christ. We ask you to pray for rescue of these people: Alexander Ishchenko, Dmitry Urzhumov, Tatyana Klypina, Maria Konstantinova, Olga Kustova, Nikolay Anna, Victor Tsygankov, Evgenie Shulga, and for young women: Ira, Larissa, Olga.

Blessings of God stays on new church in the city of Cheremkhovo, they become stronger in Grace of the Christ and increase in knowledge of God. For the meetings, they rent a room. But there there is a big problem, often cancel meetings, because of various needs of the lessor. They need the building of church. In the city of Cheremkhovo it is possible to buy not expensive house and there church can gather. They need your prayers. Ask the Lord Whom everything that God has given a him money for purchase of the house for church can. Yes to become famous the Lord in answers to prayers!!!

We as try to reach the Grace gospel, different groups, meetings and churches, where liberal divinity and men-centre. And here, if the Lord blesses, in the middle of February with 13 on 24, we will visit different churches in the north of area. And us have invited in liberal men-centre church in the city of Taishet, to preach for them the Grace gospel. We ask your prayers on our service. As we ask you pray for protection of our travel on slippery and difficult roads of Siberia!

We praise and we call a name of the Lord of our Jesus Christ for you. We ask God to visit you Holy Ghost, and plentifully to bless you for glory of the Almighty!

My family and as our church sends you our hot Christian greetings!

With prayers about you, brother Sergei.