Dear Pastor and Church

The Lord gives the increase! In August I received the following text from a Pastor in the Philippines.  “Hello, Pastor Tottingham! This Bro. Javier of Bible Way Baptist Church, Cubao, Metro Manila, Philippines. I send this message just to say “thank you!” I do not know if you can still remember me. Just want you to know that I got saved the day that you visited our church back in December 20, 2009, under the pastorate of Missionary Blust. Your preaching in Psalm 1 really brought conviction upon my heart and caused me to yield unto the Lord in salvation.  Since then, the Lord has has been gracious to me and has wrought radical change in my life. He’s allowed me to serve Him. I am now pastoring the same church where I got saved and was installed as Pastor in March 2020. Thank you for you faithfulness! Semper Fi.”  What a blessing that was to me, and what great reminder that it is God Who gives the increase and we didn’t even know for 13 years. Amen! Heaven will be full of stories like this- keep praying and sharing the gospel!

In September, one of the young men who got saved last year got his work/university schedule changed around so he could be more faithful to church. It’s so good to see him at church more! Please pray for Newman to really grow in the Lord. He is originally from Papua New Guinea and will be with us until he finishes his studies here in Australia at the end of 2024.

In October I was able to make a very quick trip to the US to visit my parents. I was only there 7 days, but the last night I was in SD my eldest sister organized a little bit of a family get-together, and we got a photo of my parents, Ron and Linda, and my two sisters, Jen and Tabitha, the first one in nearly 20 years!

While I was away the men of our church took care of the preaching and one the highlights of coming home is listening to the recordings. Obviously, I really enjoy listening to my two sons Madison and Hamish preach. I’m humbled to see them walk with God on their own and I’m challenged by the Word of God as they, and the other men of our church preach. It reminds me that Jesus only needed the Word of God and a church to train men for the ministry. Please keep us in prayer now as we prepare for our Family Camp in December, and our outreach to the lost around us, especially the suburbs around our church, and our hospitals and military outreach. Thank you for the birthday cards and notes and thank you for your support and prayers!

In the service of the King of kings,

Brother frank and Shelley Tottingham, Madison, Hamish and April