Dear Pastor and Brethren,

This month started off with a visit to Bethel Baptist Church’s Bible Conference, Bro. Royce Smith, Pastor, in Choctaw, OK. We went down on the Friday night of the conference thanks to Bro. Phillip McGee who picked us up and brought us home after the last service. We heard Bro. John Greene and Bro. Jeff Harris preach excellent messages. Also preaching throughout the conference were Bro. Dean Robinson, Bro. Steven Raines, and Bro. Mikal Smith. We were warmly encouraged by the preaching and fellowship of the brethren attending. The conference was the 28th annual Bible conference sponsored by Bethel Baptist Church. We thank you brethren for hosting such a conference.

Personal Events

The next event was the death of Roxanne’s mother, Johnnie Robertson, on the 14th of the month. Her mother was ninety years old and passed away in her nursing home. Roxanne herself now has an appointment on Dec. 6th for consultation with a surgeon down in Edmond concerning her need for thyroid surgery. Roxanne and I have both begun having our dental work started, which is very expensive. The dentist says that Roxanne needs a wisdom tooth pulled and a crown placed while I need three crowns, a filling, and a root canal done. We thank the Lord for providing us in part with the financial ability to have this work done.

The Latino Ministry

We were happy to help Salomon Cardenas with a visit to his cancer doctor who declared him to be cancer free. His wife, Raquel, and sons were also very happy for the good news. Jose Bautista’s daughter, Ellie, brought her baby girl, Mia, to our services once again. They live in Edmond, an hour away from Stillwater. Additionally, we had about five Latino men for whom we translated in the county court system.

New Series of Messages

I have begun a new series of messages on, “The Holy Spirit’s Work in the Inspiration of the Word of God.” They are proving to be a blessing to the hearers!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow

II Timothy 1:7