Dear Pastor and Brethren:
A Slow Uneventful Month
The month of October was a slow month with little activity other than normal services.
The two ladies who visited twice, Denise Park and Kelly Swanson, have not returned at all to our services. We have had a more than usual amount of sickness among those who regularly attend. Bro. Alvin Christian was out because of sickness, as well as Sis. Maginnis who is in her eighties. Sis. Connie Gaches was also sick and is in a lot of constant pain because of the broken rod in her back. Her battle with scoliosis against bone thinning and loss is very difficult, and the broken rod in her back is due to the bending of her spine by the active scoliosis. She is taking a medicine that is supposed to strengthen her bones so she can have the operation to remove the broken rod from her back. However, the medicine does not seem to be working very well, because she was supposed to have the operation last year but did not because the medicine had not done its job. Please remember these in prayer when you pray for the Lord’s work here in Stillwater. So far, thank the Lord, we have not had any infections from the Covid virus, although with life in a university town, it is all around us.
The Latino Outreach
Although Roxanne and I have had almost no translation work in the Payne County court for several months now, we have three Latino men with whom we are working this month. Emmanuel is an illegal Mexican who has a drunk driving charge and is doing his community service with us to help fulfill his legal requirements for the court. He says that he is a believer, and he did bring his pastor and his wife to court with him the first time he had court. Balan is a Mexican who has the same charge of DUI, and who also is doing his community service. with us as well. Then Jose Gaspar, who is from Guatemala and lives in Kansas, and who has a DUI and an extensive court record, is the third Latino with whom we are dealing. We have given gospel literature to all three of them, hoping that they will read what we have given them. May the Holy Spirit of God stir their hearts to respond to our witness to them. Please remember us in prayer.
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow