Dear Pastor and Brethren,

In order to be able to attend our services one must have an interest in learning about the Lord Jesus Christ and His interests and activity as recorded in the old King James Bible. Our ministry is mainly a preaching and teaching ministry about Him. We offer no entertainment, religious or otherwise, and devoutly embrace the singing of the old hymns of the faith. Sometimes folks get upset with me over something that I have preached or taught. They leave as a result of such misunderstanding and won’t give me opportunity to further explain or teach my position. This has happened recently and therefore the lower attendance on those Sundays. Our attendance for the first three Sundays of this month was twelve, seven, and seven persons who have this interest and desire to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ. The fourth Sunday, I was sick and unable to attend the service, Bro. Dick Gaches filling the pulpit for me.

Personal Note

On the eleventh of September, our grandson, Levi Parrow, Nathan and Amber’s youngest son, had an operation on his right leg that was broken in three places due to an accident. During the course of the procedures a scan was made in which was discovered a tumor growing in his thyroid gland. We have kept it quiet until now because of Nathan’s family asking us to. Levi is to have his entire thyroid removed along with affected lymph glands on Thursday, December 21. Please remember us and especially him concerning this operation, not just the physical need but the spiritual need as well. We feel that the accident was used of the Lord to reveal the worse situation of the cancer in his neck. He is eighteen years old and has spiritual problems in his life as well as the physical problems here indicated. We hope that the Lord will use these difficulties to draw Levi closer to Him in the days ahead.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:17