Dear Pastor and Brethren:

A New Visitor!

The phone calls and emails we received in October finally resulted in the visit of Mrs. Mona Raines to our services. She is the widow of the former pastor of another Baptist church here in Stillwater and had stopped going to her church when the new pastor began doing something that she did not like. She visited with us two Sundays this month and stopped coming. Since I was preaching on John 4 about the Samaritan woman, apparently she did not like something I preached. Anyway, we sent her a thank you note for having visited with us and haven’t heard from her since.

Busy with Mexicans

We seem to have become busy dealing with Mexican men primarily although sometimes we get to have brief interactions with their girlfriends and wives. This month I was able to counsel with Ignacio Guerrero, Juan Morales, Joel Garcia, Calixto Hernandez, Moises Villapando, Jesus Valadez, Miguel Angel Castillo, Jose Turubiartes and a couple more whose names I did not write down. Sometimes I wonder if all of the tracts and Bibles that I give out and all of my personal witnessing will ever bear fruit. Apparently it is not a spiritual harvest time but a time of sowing the good seed. This we will continue to do by the leadership of the Lord and by your faithful help in prayers and finances.

A New Sign Needed

We have a sign in the yard at the front of our building that says, “Grace Baptist.” It is old and dark green with black lettering. I am praying about getting a new sign that will give the full name of the church, “Grace Baptist Church,” with the address and my phone number on it and the service schedule and times. We now have some money given to us from the former Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Amarillo, Tx. which we will use to purchase such a sign. I would like it to be lighted so that it can be seen after dark as the back of the building faces the street and no lights can be seen from that point. The building looks unoccupied especially during service times, and we need such a sign to let people know that we are in business.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day with our children and grandchildren, not only eating good food but singing some hymns and spiritual songs together with them. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support during the past year!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7