1. After the Great White Throne Judgment and the dissolution of the heavens and the earth, what will probably be the next event in preparation for eternity (Rev. 21:1)? (New heavens and a new earth).
    1. How would you guess that the Lord will accomplish this? (An act of creation rather than reformation ??? )
    2. Why? (The elements will have melted with fervent heat.)
  2. Are the New Heavens and Earth a New Testament revelation given to Peter and John? (No. Isa. 65.17; 66:22).
  3. Why is a new earth necessary? (To fulfill the covenant with Abraham and Israel).
    1. Should Israel’s eternity be described as “going to Heaven?” (No.)
    2. Why, or why not? (The covenant with Israel was primarily of a land and a King.)
  4. Should New Testament saints’ primary expectation be described as “going to Heaven” (John 14:3)? (No. Our eternity is not primarily a place but a Person: John 14:3; Col. 3:4; I Thess. 4:16-17.)
  5. How will the Lord bring people from the old into the new heaven and earth? (Translation???)
  6. Going back to the Millennium, will there be sin during the Millennium? (Yes, but it will be swiftly judged).
    1. Will there be sin in the New Earth (II Peter 3:13)? (No.)
    2. Will there be any unsaved Jews or Gentiles (unregenerated people) brought into the Eternal State? (No.)
    3. Will there be any residual effects from the curse in the New Earth? (No.)
    4. Will there be disease, death, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados or Black Widows in the New Earth? (No.)
    5. Will the New Earth be divided into continents by which its resident races will be kept separated? (No. Revelation 21:1).
    6. Will the New Earth be flat or will there be mountains? (21:10 ???)
  7. Are Revelation 21 and 22 easy to understand and explain?
    1. Is there general agreement between the major scholars on the interpretation of these chapters? (No.)
    2. Should disagreements on these chapters be grounds for breaking fellowship between brethren?
  8. Do all commentators believe that chapter 21 speaks about the Eternal State? (No.)
    1. What verses lead some to believe that this is talking about the Millennium? (21:24-27).
    2. Do these verses conclusively prove this interpretation?
    3. If this is talking about the Millennium then when will II Peter 3:11-12 have to take place?
    4. Doesn’t the reference to the angel who emptied the vials, prove that this is just after the Tribulation? (No.)
    5. Will there be a temple during the Millennium? (Yes.)
    6. Will there be a temple in the Eternal State? (Not exactly, v.22).
  9. Does Revelation 21:2 say that the New Jerusalem is the Bride of Christ? (No.)
    1. Why does it refer to a bride? (The New Jerusalem will be gloriously dressed or decorated).
    2. Does Revelation 21:9 say that the New Jerusalem is Church of the Lord Jesus Christ?
    3. Where in this chapter do we read about the New Testament Church?
  10. Will the New Jerusalem be a literal place, or is it an allegory for something else like “Heaven?” (It will be a literal city).
  11. What is the meaning of the word “four-square”? (A cube)
    1. What will be the size of this city? (12,000 furlongs or about 1,500 miles square).
    2. What other significant Biblical structure was four-square? (The Holy of Holies).
    3. What is the distance between Spokane, Washington and Oklahoma City? (About 1,500 miles.)
    4. Are these the dimensions of the Temple described in Ezekiel? (No.)
  12. Does John see the New Jerusalem touch down upon the earth?
    1. Doesn’t 21:3 prove that the city rests upon the earth? (No.)
  13. From Whom does the New Jerusalem descend, verse 2? (From God).
    1. Who will sit upon the throne in the New Jerusalem? (Christ, the Alpha and Omega).
    2. What do “Alpha and Omega” mean? (They are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet and they imply the beginning and the end; Rev. 21:6).
    3. What is He called in verse 3? (God).
  14. What are the names of the twelve gates to the New Jerusalem? (The twelve tribes of Israel, v. 12).
    1. Doesn’t this prove that Israel will be dwelling in the New Jerusalem? (No.)
  15. What will be the purpose of the angels stationed at each gate? (???)
  16. Will the foundations of the New Jerusalem be the twelve apostles, (verse 14)? (No.)
  17. What do the references to the gold and precious stones show us? (The beauty of the city).
  18. Will the residents of the city need the sun or electricity for illumination? (No. verse 23).
    1. Does this mean that there will be no sun or electricity?
    2. Will the glory of the Lord illuminate the world?
  19. Does Revelation 21:27 teach us that there will be sin on the earth at that time? (No).
  20. Is the river of Revelation 22:1 the same at that which is described in Ezekiel 47:1? (No.)
    1. What are some of the differences?
  21. What will be the purpose of the tree of life? (Healing of the nations ???)
    1. What will its fruit be like?
  22. What will be the purpose of the “fountain of the water of life” ( 21:6)?
  23. Will the residents of the Eternal Kingdom have a tattoo of the Lord’s name in their foreheads (22:4)?
  24. What is the relationship between John 14 1-3 and Revelation 21 and 22?
  25. Will the New Jerusalem be our eternal home?