1. What is the Millennium? (The thousand year, literal reign of Christ upon the earth.)
  2. Has the Millennium begun yet? (No.)
  3. At what point in time will the Millennium begin? (At the conclusion of the Tribulation).
  4. What kind of government will there be during the Millennium? (Theocracy).
  5. Will there be a division between the government of the Millennium and worship? (None).
    1. Why? (The King will be the Lord Jesus).
  6. If Isaiah 12:1-6 describes the primary characteristic of life during the Millennium, what word would you use to summarize it? (Worship).
  7. Ezekiel 40-46 describes a beautiful Temple :
    1. Is it the Temple of Jerusalem used by the Jews prior to the Babylonian captivity (Solomon’s)?
    2. Is it the Temple that the captives returning from captivity built?
    3. Is it the Temple that the returning captives were supposed to build?
    4. Is it an allegory of the true worship of the Lord by saints today?
    5. What is the Temple that Ezekiel describes? (The Millennial Temple).
  8. Who will be the chief contractor of the Millennial Temple (Zech. 6:9-15)? (The Lord, Himself).
  9. Where will the Millennial Temple be located (Isaiah 2:1-4; Micah 4:1-4)? (Jerusalem).
    1. Will the topography of the area be the same as it is today? (Apparently not; the mountain may be higher, and there will be a river flowing out of it).
  10. What method of Bible Interpretation should be used when studying Ezekiel 40-46? (Literal).
  11. In Ezekiel’s description of the Temple will there be an altar (Ezek. 43:13-18)?
  12. In Ezekiel’s description a new piece of furniture is mentioned; what is that (Ezek. 43:7-12)? (Throne).
  13. What important piece of Mosaic furniture is missing from Ezekiel’s description? (Ark of the Covenant with the Mercy Seat).
  14. Which of the following is not a likely purpose of the Millennial Temple:
    1. To provide a focal point for God’s holiness?
    2. To provide a place for the demonstration of God’s glory?
    3. To provide a place for sacrifices?
    4. To establish a central point for the Millennial government?
    5. To provide a central point for victory over the curse (Ezek. 47:1-12)?
    6. To provide a forum for the debate of truth and error; justice and evil? (No).
    7. To provide a place for the exposition of the Word of God (Jere. 31:34; Heb.8:11)? (No.).
  15. What part does the Mosaic Covenant have to do with the Millennium? (Essentially none).
    1. Under what covenant were the majority of the sacrifices of the Old Testament? (Mosaic).
    2. Will there be Mosaic sacrifices made during the Millennium? (Not exactly, because the meaning and purpose of those sacrifices will be different.)
  16. Will there be blood sacrifices at the dedication of the Temple (Ezek. 43:19-27)? (Yes).
  17. Will there be blood sacrifices during the rest of the Millennium (Ezek. 44:9-31)? (Yes).
  18. What will be the purpose of those sacrifices? (Memorials of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus).
  19. Will people keep the Passover (Ezek. 45:21-25)? (Yes).
  20. What will happen to those people who do not properly worship the Lord (Zech. 14:16-21)? (Punishment).