1. What is the Millennium? (The thousand year, literal reign of Christ upon the earth.)
  2. Has the Millennium begun yet? (No.)
  3. At what point in time will the Millennium begin? (At the conclusion of the Tribulation).
  4. What will happen to God’s Covenants to Israel? (They will be literally fulfilled).
    1. What are the two chief aspects of the Abrahamic Covenant? (God’s blessings and the promise of the Seed).
    2. What is the chief aspect of the Palenstinian Covenant? (Israel’s restoration to the land).
    3. What is the chief aspect of the Davidic Covenant? (The King, the Son of David).
    4. What is the chief aspect of the New Covenant? (Salvation).
  5. What does Isaiah 11 suggest will happen to “the curse?” (Removed).
    1. Will science or the politics of men be able to accomplish this?
  6. Will Satan be destroyed prior to the Millennium? (No).
    1. What will happen to Satan (Rev. 20:1-3)? (Bound and incarcerated).
    2. What are some of Satan’s current titles? (Satan – adversary, god of this world, Devil – slanderer).
    3. Will these be appropriate titles for him during the Millennium?
  7. With what event does the Millennium begin? (The return of Christ).
  8. If we called the Millennium the “Theocratic Kingdom” what would we mean? (Kingdom of God).
    1. Why is the Millennium the Theocratic Kingdom? (Christ will sit upon David’s thorn and rule the world).
  9. There are between 3 and 4 dozen Millennial titles of Christ; what do these few suggest?
    1. The Rod of Jesse (Isa. 11:1)?
    2. The Branch (Isa. 11:1)?
    3. The Lord of Hosts (Isaiah 24:21-23; 44:6)?
    4. The Lord our Righteousness (Jere. 23:5-6; 33:15-16)?
    5. The mighty God, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7)?
    6. The Stone (Isaiah 28:16; Daniel 2:34, 45; Zech. 3:9)?
  10. The true glory of the Son of God was veiled during His incarnation; will it be veiled during the Millennium?
  11. What would you say will be the two primary characteristics of the Millennial way of life (Isaiah 32:1, 13-18; 60:19-22; Ps. 72:1-8)? (Righteousness and peace).
  12. Which of the following will not be characteristic of the Millennium?
    1. War (Isaiah 2:2-4). (No.)
    2. Joy (Isaiah 9:3-7; 14:5-8).
    3. Holiness (Isaiah 4:2-6).
    4. Glory (Isaiah 4:2-6; 35:1-2).
    5. Comfort (Isaiah 61:3-7; 66:13-14).
    6. Confusion (Isaiah 11:1-2; 54:12-14). (No).
    7. Death and old age (Isaiah 65:17-25). (No).
    8. Prosperity (Isaiah 65:21-23).
  13. How long will the Millennium last (Revelation 20:1-6)?