Dear Pastor and Church

This month the sister of Bro. Jose Bautista came on a tourist visa from old Mexico to visit her brother. Elena came for an entire month, and as Jose had promised to bring her to the services, she came three out of four Sundays! We were delighted to have her visit with us. Jose had said that his sister was an ardent Roman Catholic so we wondered just how she would react to our service and my preaching. Praise the Lord – she was very nice and did not seem to take offense to anything I preached. The first Sunday she came, Jose translated for her. The second Sunday she brought Jose’s daughter Ellie and Jose’s baby granddaughter Mia with her along with Josselyn, Jose’s youngest daughter who hadn’t come for awhile. Ellie translated for her. The last Sunday that she came Jose again translated for her, and we gave her a book in Spanish by Bro. Bert Craft entitled, La Doctrina de la Salvacion Divina, or The Doctrine of Divine Salvation along with a small bouquet of flowers. She promised to return to visit again, and we certainly hope so.

A Facebook Video Chat
Roxanne also arranged a video chat with Bro. Jose Manuel Garcia and his wife, Luisa, this month. He is the pastor of the Bible Baptist Church ofTenerife, Spain. It was the first time in several years that we had seen each other, and we rejoiced to the point of tears because of the blessings of the Lord upon us. Although they have been through some tough times during the Covid lockdowns, the Lord is blessing, and they are beginning to grow back their numbers once again. Please remember them in prayer.

A Personal Note
Both Roxanne and I have been to our cardiologists and received some medical advice. Roxanne is now taking some medicines to control afib and palpitations, and I have had my doctor tum up the pulse rate of my pacemaker from 70 beats/minute to 75. I’m having less dizziness and blackout spells. He has ordered a echocardiogram to check on my ejection fraction (the strength at which my left ventricle pumps blood to the rest of my body) numbers. It has been at a low of 10 to 15 percent. The normal is 60%. Hopefully the Lord has strengthened my heart muscle a little bit because I’m feeling somewhat stronger. Thanks for all of your prayers!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow.