Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Much Activity in May

We were delighted when Bro. Justin Fulton and wife called to say that they were in the Oklahoma City area and asked if they could visit with us on the first Sunday of May. I invited them to come and asked him to preach to us. Bro. Fulton is the pastor of Bohon Rd. Baptist Church in Harrodsburg, Ky., which is one of our supporting churches. As we don’t get to see our supporting church pastors but seldom, it was a special blessing to hear him preach and to renew our fellowship together. We thank them and Bohon Rd. B. C. for sending their pastor our way and for taking us out to eat after the service.

New Support

Bro. Doug Seeley, Pastor of the Baptist Church of Brimfield, Il., called me and said that the Baptist Church of Brimfield had voted to renew our support at $50.00 per month.  this church had supported us for years over in the Canary Islands and for awhile here in Stillwater. She lost her former pastor, and we lost their support of us. Now this country church has a new pastor in Bro. Seeley. We do sincerely appreciate the Lord moving on the hearts of Bro. Seeley and the brethren of the Baptist Church of Brimfield to begin supporting us again. What a blessing!

Graduation Service

Sis. Lashonda Dale’s older son Dona’te graduated from Stillwater High School on May 21st, Friday evening. We had a small service with Bro. Gaches presenting Dona’te with a special book, and Sis. Gaches singing a special, and an early evening meal with some nineteen people in attendance. Then several of us went to the graduation ceremony at the high school stadium. Although it sprinkled a little bit, it stopped, and we were able to see Dona’te receive his diploma, a blessing to all of us.

Loss of Bro. Ruben

Bro. Ruben Torres has moved to Texas to live near his mother and some of his brothers.  He was a blessing in many ways to our assembly here, and we will miss him. Please pray for him along with us that he might find a sovereign grace New Testament Baptist church to attend and support, that he might not fall away from following after the Lord.

Bu His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow