May 2020

Dear Pastor and Brethren:
Hope in May
We do hope to return to assembling, worshiping, and preaching in the month of June with Sunday morning, June 7th as our target date. Lord willing, I am planning on preaching on the resurrection of our Lord as told by the Apostle John in the twentieth chapter of John, which we missed back in March when we had our last service on the 15th because of the Covid 19 scare. We have not forsaken “the assembling of ourselves together,” but simply have tried to be in cooperation with the health recommendations of our local city mayor. We have a checklist of sanitation rules with which we will have to comply for our safety. They are not so very difficult to fulfill, and so we will do as they ask. The majority of our group is in the high risk level, however, I will not be wearing a mask while preaching. I have also asked Sis. Gaches to sing a song of comfort written by John Peterson, “Tell Jesus.” She said that she would wear a mask, so Sis. Roxanne will put the words in the bulletin for everyone to read while she sings. It is hard to sing through a mask without muffling the words, and the words are the important medium to convey the message of comfort. Lord willing, I will report to you the outcome of our upcoming service in June.
Latino Interaction
On May 28th, we had one court case with Gildardo, who has a DUI. The attorney with whom we work has had only one case for the last three months in addition to this case. The activity of the court is very suppressed, with only one case at a time being permitted to enter the courtroom. We all had to wear masks and sit/stand at least six feet apart while in the courtroom. I was permitted to stand close to my client because we both had on masks. The backlog of cases is very extensive, and it will take a long time for the system to catch up, if they ever do. Other Latinos with whom we have had a little contact are Jose Rico and Alejandro, who came to our house to do community service. Solomon and Emmanuel Cardenas came out to do some painting, and Solomon’s wife, Raquel, made masks for Roxanne and me to use at the court. All of these kept their distance from us and did not wear masks, and all seem to be healthy. I do not know how much longer all of this hyperactivity will continue to hamper our return to normalcy, but we pray that common sense will once more prevail.
By His grace and in loving gratitude,  Timothy and Roxanne Parrow.