Dear Pastor and Brethren,

We are very happy to announce that Sis. Kim Williams joined Victory Baptist Mission on the 5th of March, Sunday morning! She comes by letter from a church in Virginia of like precious faith called Maranatha Baptist Church whose pastor is Bro. Robert Monteith. She is the first of five other regular visitors for whom we are praying that the Lord would cause them to understand their need for scriptural church membership. The other four would have to submit to scriptural baptism. Please pray that the Holy Spirit might lead them to join with us. Please pray for her and her son, Matthew, as they work and labor with us here in Stillwater. Both work at Oklahoma State University where there is a lot of “woke” influence all around them.

Two new visitors included a Mr. Sean Richmond and another stranger, both who attended at different times. Mr. Richmond came with his Bible and said he was an electrician from Louisiana working in the Stillwater area for a short time. Although he said that he would be back, he has never returned. The other stranger came into our small auditorium and said he had to sit on the back row of the pews against the wall with no one behind him. He carried a backpack strapped to his back and when Sis. Roxanne told him that he could sit anywhere he so desired, he abruptly left and didn’t come back.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Time and Roxanne Parrow