Dear Bro. and Sis in Christ:

The Work in Talihina
The Lord has blessed us with a one new member and our attendance has been stable. The Sunday school is slowly growing and the Lord answered prayers, we now have four Sunday School classes with four teachers.
We hosted a Native Youth Conference with four Indian churches in attendance and about 40 young people from 8 to 1 7 years of age. The meeting went well, each youth group sang in their Native language and participated in Bible Sword drills. Brother Kenny Glisch brought the message and enjoyed a good meal together.
Please help us pray for Bro. Kenny Glisch, he and his future bride will be helping us this summer as summer missionaries working with us during our VBS, Camp and other activities. They will need $2,000 dollars to meet their expenses for the month of June and July. If the Lord leads you to help in this area, send the offerings to Grace Indian Baptist Church P.O. Box 562 Talihina, Ok. 74571, designated for summer missionaries.

Winter and Spring Activities
I returned to the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington State back in December for an evangelistic meeting. The services went well and a bible study was set up, beginning in January 2020. Brother Austin Fulton from Calvary Baptist Church in Post Falls Idaho is leading this study with the help of his Pastor Bro. David Oldfield and members of Calvary Baptist church. Another evangelistic meeting is planned for April the 14th through the 17th 2020. I will be returning back to the Spokane Indian Reservation with another mission team for more evangelistic services. Please pray for these services. We still are praying for God to raise up a preacher for this people. There is a genuine interest among them and their response has been good. We will also be planning another VBS and evangelistic meeting for August 2020. This meeting in August we will break up into two teams and be on the Spokane Indian Reservation and the Colville Reservation. The Choctaw and Cherokee churches have already began raising funds for the mission trip in August. Please pray for the finances to come in.

New Tracts Available
The Jehovah Witnesses have been making strong efforts to promote their false doctrine. Tracts and study help our being developed to educate Natives about this false religion. Two tracts have been printed and are being distributed. The titles: HELL, the eternal judgment of all who reject the Lord Jesus Christ, and The Deity of Christ. The Baptist Arrow will be used as a tool to make these tracts available. The tracts are being made available to all churches free of charge. If your church would like to get copies, contact these numbers 918-649-5104 or 828-497-4141.

Please continue to pray for me and thank you for your faithfulness.
Prayer needs: A Preacher for the North West.
Yours by Divine Mercy and Grace,

Bro. Raymond Johnson