When John Borum was thirty years old, he and his family moved from Virginia to Tennessee to start a new life. In 1807 he joined the Round Lick Baptist Church just east of what was to become Nashville. Very quickly he began serving the Lord and soon was preaching God’s Word. Not far away, he and his pastor, Thomas Durham, organized a Baptist church at Big Spring. John became the pastor and served that congregation for twenty-four years, from 1820 to his passing on this day in 1844.

As was common at the time, Brother Borum’s ministry didn’t extend very far from his home, but it was felt very dearly there. One of his sons followed him into the ministry and a grandson followed his father. After John’s death one tribute stated in part: “No man, perhaps, ever gave greater evidence of love to God and the souls of men, than Elder John Borum. But he is gone to enjoy that rest that remains to the people of God, while his usefulness and worth live on, and are cherished in the memory of all who were acquainted with him.”

Perhaps, no one outside your community will ever know your name, but the Lord certainly does. And even if your body is planted under a humble mulberry tree, as was that of John Borum, when the Lord comes, He will make sure that you will be placed with His greatest servants to sing the praises of our Saviour.