Dear Pastor and Brethren:
A General Report
Although several have been sick or absent for some reason, our attendance numbers run as follows for the four weeks of the month: 10, 11, 11, and 6. We had Ellie and her daughter, Mia, Jose’s granddaughter, visit with us for Father’s Day. Sis. Connie Gaches has been sick with a swollen ankle and can’t find out from the doctors what is causing the trouble. Sis. Elaine has been sick as well. Sis. Kim and her son Matthew have been on vacation from OSU and from the services as well. However, those who do come have a good spirit about them and I have enjoyed preaching to them.
Auto Repairs
Our 1998 Toyota Rav finally had to have some repairs made including but not limited to a new water pump and gasket, new front brakes and rotors, new timing belt, new front struts, alignment, and several fluid changes. This vehicle has given us very little trouble since we bought it used in 200 I and we felt it was in good shape to undergo these needy repairs before they got worse.
A Bad Storm
We experienced a bad storm with winds of about 70 to 80 miles per hour this month. We were without power for about twelve hours beginning on Saturday night at eleven until Sunday morning. It knocked down three big trees and a lot of smaller branches that has left our yard a mess. Thank the Lord we had a Mexican man doing community service with us, and he cut the trees in lengths easy to handle and drag to our dump site. The wind tore off about four feet of ridge cap from the roof on the southwest side of our house. We thank the Lord for His care for us and for preventing worse damage. I called a local roofing company, and about a week later he came out and fixed the roof in about twenty minutes, only charging us a service call. There were many trees down along our road and on the roads going into Stillwater.
Personal Health Update
The cardiologist who ordered the echocardiogram on my heart says that it shows an improvement in my ejection fraction – up now to 25 to 30 percent. We praise the Lord for this improvement and thank you all for your prayers!

By His grace and in loving gratitude

Tim and Roxanne Parrow