Dear Pastor and Brethren:

One Visitor in June

In June, we had one visitor, Mark, who came on a Sunday and then on a Wednesday evening. On Wednesday evening he came in and sat through about half of the song service and suddenly got up and left without saying a word. He walked around the building outside and then came back in, looked at our book rack, and then left again, permanently. I had talked to him a little bit and had detected that he had a charismatic background. I don’t know what it was that offended him but he is gone, strange. Pray with us that the Lord might send us teachable people, willing to learn, not thinking that they know it all. There is so much false religion in the world today and so much religious deception that I spend a lot of time unraveling false doctrine in order to preach truth.

The Bible Baptist Church of Tenerife, Spain.

Bro. Jose Manuel Garcia Alarcon and the small church he pastors have sent thank you notes to us for the monies received to help them pay their rent and quarterly taxes during a oneyear period in order to keep their services open to the public. The church largely responsible for this is Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Neb., Bro. Robert Walker, Pastor. We have had a few offerings given by individuals to provide a little extra for the poor brethren there. Bro. Garcia still has not received his pension from the Spanish government and is unable to tithe and make up the shortage. They are living on their savings and the little that Sis. Luisa, his wife, earns at her job. The country is largely shut down because of the Covid pandemic making economic activity very slow and much reduced. A warm, “Thank You,” to all who have given to help these elderly brethren.

Our Latino Ministry

This month we had the opportunity to work with Balan Dimas, Arturo Hernandez, Limatur Silvano, Franklin Gonzalez, Jose Gaspar, Cristian Torres, Julio Gomez, Alejandro Ramirez Cruz, and Ignacio Bautista. Most of these men are involved in court related activities. We also did a medical video translation for Salomon Cardenas at our local hospital.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow

II Timothy 1:7