June 2020 Report

A Good Resuming!
As I hoped in our May report, we have resumed our Sunday morning service beginning on the seventh of June. As we did not have a Sunday School session the first two Sundays, one of the children asked when we were going to have Sunday School again. So the third Sunday in June we added back the Sunday School time for the children. I then attempted to add back the Thursday evening Bible study session, but everyone seemed opposed to that idea at this time. We have, however, had good Sunday morning services throughout the entire month. By using the term “good,” I mean that we had a good spirit among all of the ten attendees who expressed their joy at being able to hear the Word of God preached once again. Our assembly was characterized by the wearing of masks by all except me and the behavior of social distancing. Both behaviors seem to be hindering the social fellowship between the attendees, but the spiritual fellowship around God’s Word is still sweet. This service was our first since March 15 making it eleven weeks without any services. We all were happy to be back together and attentive to God’s Word. In attendance, we had ten people with us the first two Sundays of the month, and nine and six the last two Sundays of the month.
Other Events
Monday, the eighth of June, I had a little heart trouble which has been diagnosed as ventricular tachycardia which are medical terms for high speed palpitations of the ventricle, in my case, the left ventricle of my heart. My electro physiologist, who is the specialist that takes care of my pacemaker, said that I had had one episode that lasted from 9 am. until I pm. the seventh of June which was the first Sunday I resumed preaching. That episode occurred during the time we were preparing for our Sunday morning preaching service, continued during the service, and until we arrived home. I felt a little fatigued during the whole episode but was able to preach anyway. My heart had been racing at about 163 beats per minute while resting in bed a few days before, so therefore I went to the emergency room to see if I was experiencing another heart attack. Thank the Lord I was not! So later on my electro physiologist made some adjustments to my pacemaker and put me on a new medicine especially designed to treat ventricular tachycardia. So far I am able to take the medicine without any side effects, and I have had no more episodes. Thank you for your prayers for my health and ministry. I am enjoying preaching and teaching God’s Word!
By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow