July 9

Brother and Mrs. George Hough felt that the Lord was calling them to minister in His name in India with Adoniram Judson, but, like the Judsons, they ended up in Burma. When they began to tell their friends and relatives about the Lord’s call, some were delighted, but not Mrs. Hough’s family.  They knew that it was likely they’d never see their daughter again.  To answer her mother’s broken heart, Mrs. Hough wrote some lovely and passionate letters.  She explained God’s call and the joy that filled her heart and that of her husband.  She pointed to her mother’s desire for the salvation of her children, reminding her that foreign mother’s should have the same desire.  “Why should not I go to India (Burma) as well as other women, and share with my husband the trials and comforts of a life devoted to the cause of truth?  I hope you and all other Christians will pray for us, that we faint not in the day of trial.”
    The trials came and Brother Hough suffered along side Brother Judson.  He too was jailed, while his wife prayed for his safety and delivery.  Both Brother and Mrs. Hough suffered with disease and poverty.  And for a long time they saw little fruit for their service.  Eventually, on this day (July 9) in 1859, the Lord called Missionary Hough home.  His wife was, of course, grieved, but she was not dissatisfied with their choice to leave the pleasures of home and to serve the Lord in Burma.  She continue in Burma, ministering to the women and children of that country.