Aeltgen Baren, an elderly lady, and Meyken Wouters, a woman of about twenty-four, were brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and were baptized by immersion upon their declaration of faith. This behavior could not be tolerated at that time by the Netherlands Catholic church, so fourteen “trappers” were sent to arrest these two inoffensive ladies. They were caught and imprisoned for ten weeks, during which time they were interrogated, counseled and physically tortured. When they were given letters, purportedly from Christian friends, begging them to relax their testimony and recant their baptism, they refused. Aeltgen said, “Yes, if the door stood open, I should not wish to go away.” Eventually, sentences were given against them.

On this day in 1595, both ladies were gagged, bound and taken to a nearby bridge over the Meuse River where their gags were removed. Aeltgen then said, “O Lord, this is a beautiful city indeed; would that it repented with Ninevah.” She was then pushed off the bridge, still bound. When Meyken asked if she could be given a moment to pray, she was told to pray to the city magistrates who trust the Church of Rome and she would be released. She replied, “I have never done amiss to the magistrates; hence I also need not worship them.” When she hit the water, her body drifted down stream for some time before it sank, and it seemed to some that her face was aglow. Thus two Christian ladies began their lives in the presence of their Saviour.