Dear Pastor and Brethren:

 One New Visitor!

             On the sixteenth of this month, we had an unusual visitor come into our service on Sunday morning, late and apologetic for so being, and very courteously acting for interrupting my preaching. We took the time to greet him and tried to make him feel comfortable in our presence because he was a young eighth grade teenage boy among us older adults. I was able to ascertain that his first name was Jayvin, and I asked Roxanne to give him a copy of my outline and notes and a Bible to use as we continued on with the message. Although he came by himself, at the end of the service, we were happy to find out that he has a mother and sister with whom he lives in the community. I’m sad to say that he has never come back to visit again with us, but at least he heard the Gospel and a call on my part to repent from sin and come to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

 Latino Outreach

We only had opportunity to deal with three Latinos this month, Carlos, Luis, and Alicia. All were involved in court proceedings and translation work. Luis is from Honduras, and Carlos and Alicia are from Mexico. We were told by an immigration attorney that the only people being deported right now are single young men. All others seem to be under laws that protect them as to being and staying in the United States if they pay the exorbitant legal fees that the attorneys charge.

Personal Blessings

Roxanne and I happily celebrated fifty years of marriage this month on the 26th, our sons and their families taking us out to dinner to celebrate together. It was really a double celebration because Roxanne had a birthday on the 25th. We got to see our great- granddaughter, Marie who is eleven months old and her parents, as well as our two grandsons, Isaac and Levi. Our daughter-in-law, Amber, and her parents came to celebrate with us as well. Roxanne and I are so very thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His many blessings to us throughout the years. We appreciate your prayers and giving to the work of missions to help us continue in the work of the Lord.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7