Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Beautiful Service!

We had a beautiful service Sunday, the Fourth of July. It was the first time in eleven years that the Fourth of July has fallen on the Lord’s Day. Sis. Gaches sang the first verse of our National Anthem as the congregation stood, saluted our American flag, and at the end of the National Anthem recited our Pledge of Allegiance. We then asked the Lord to give repentance to us for our national sin and to revive us again with true righteousness that we might once again receive His blessings. We need a true revival of righteousness in our churches and in our nation. If such a revival is not His will, then may the Father send back His Son as He has promised in His Word, “Even so, come Lord Jesus” – Rv.22:20! We know that His impending return is His holy will! We had nine present in this service for which we thank the Lord.

Latino Outreach

We had four Latino men whom the Lord put within our reach this month and the Cardenas family. They are Alejandro Ramirez, Cristian Torres, Jose Gaspar, and Sami Ramos. The most interesting of the four is Sami Ramos who came here as an unaccompanied child from Honduras. He is seeking asylum because his parents are dead. His brother and sister live here, and he is presently living with them. Because he had recently turned eighteen, he was arrested for not having a license and appeared in court needing a translator. I translated for him, but his legal situation is so difficult that neither the judge nor the prosecuting attorney knew how to proceed. Therefore, his case was postponed to a later date to give them time to investigate the legal proceedings needed for his case. This is just one small case causing great confusion to our court systems across our nation because of our practice of an open border policy at our southern border. He has an immigration court date sometime in 2023. Please pray that the wickedness of our wicked leaders will destroy their destructive plans for our great nation.


Roxanne celebrated her seventieth birthday on July 25th, and is in good health, thank the Lord. We celebrated our forty-eighth wedding anniversary on the 26th and thank the Lord for the many years of service to Him together. Thank you for your giving and your prayers!

In His grace and service

Tim and Roxanne Parrow.