We have great news! Greater Vision has grown in its membership and the Pearsons have grown in its family numbers! Mrs. Pearson will be having another Pearson baby. Our newest member is due December 18th of 2021. We are excited and very thankful for Gods grace to bless us with baby number 5. Please pray for a healthy baby and mother!

Fighting news.

We have hit a snare at our mission house, ministry always brings wars. The snare is a liquor store preparing to move in next door
to us. This will bring unwanted problems such as panhandling and drug-dealing in front of our mission house, also the alcohol use in our community will only increase, and with us being so dose we with the business. We have brought these issues up to our within the building but as of now the business will open in a informed the landlord that if the problems grow quickly we will give her a two months notice and seek a new location. Please pray that either it doesn’t come to the point of moving out, or pray that God will give us another place to move into. Whatever way it goes and wherever God leads, our mission is the same, to plant the Lords Church. Wherever God desires that to be, we are resolved to fulfilled the great commission. Pray for us as we fight the good fight. Our “Your life matters” next event is quickly approaching, please pray as we seek to give out a 1ooo book bags with gospel tracts within them. We are also in need of school supplies for the event. If you are interested in giving, contact me at 513-373-2478.