Even though 2023 is just beginning God has been faithful and so good to us. We will have our first Bible study on January 27th and I will be casting our vision to our attendees that night. Please pray as we invite as many people as we can to this study. Our desire and prayer is that everyone will understand who we are as Greater Vision and that by Gods grace some will be
saved. We’ve been picking up Deandre and Hezekiah and taking them to a local baptist church basketball night, where I also shared a devotion with 20 young people. Please pray for these two young men as I strive to disciple them. I am beginning a one on one Bible study with Zachery, please pray for his salvation. Also, there are a few location options to relaunch our church plant. One location is the University of Cincinnati campus and another is a church building that we may be able to take over. Please pray that God gives us wisdom in choosing the right place.

Family Report: We just celebrated Darius’ first birthday in December, David’s 6th birthday earlier this month and our anniversary is on the 30th. The family is growing and growing. We
just started our new year of home-schooling and the first week was amazing, It’s a blessing to finally get our kids back to an orderly structure in their education. Please pray for them as the new school year excitement wears off and the everyday grind sets in. Financial report: We’ve had some issues come up with our vehicles totaling about 4,000 dollars this last month due to our
travels, and of course the burden of the cost of living is being felt by everyone. However, God is a great provider! Pray for us as the needs arise. Pray for us as we are at 86-88 percent of our support and we have a few more deputation dates ahead.

Praise report: We praise God for a great night at the Creation Museum last month with some of our attendees, Natasha and her family. We praise God for all of our supporting churches. We
praise God for putting us in this ministry and the opportunities we’ve had to reach the lost so far this year. We praise God for the good health of our children. We praise God for His fresh anointing for our burden this new year. Love you all and God bless you all in 2023.
One soul, one relationship, one salvation at a time will be the way He builds His church. “I have one passion: it is He, He alone.” “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for (Cincinnati) Israel is, that they might be saved.” Romans 10:1 KJV