Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Beginning a New Year!

             As I was reviewing all that has happened over the last year, the blessings we have received would have been impossible without the intervention of the Lord in our affairs. We have a new member in the mission with the possibility of others joining as the Lord leads in their lives. We have had many visitors who have visited one time but don’t return for one reason or another. The Lord has restored our health upon several occasions and strengthened us to serve Him repeatedly. We thank the Lord for His mighty provision for us and divine providence in our lives and ministry. We thank you, our sponsoring church and our supporting churches, for your love for the Lord and for keeping us in your prayers and giving to the Lord’s work in this place. May the Lord richly bless you according to His holy will. Now we’ll see what the Lord has in store for us in this new year according to His holy will for our lives and ministry.

January Activity

Our attendance numbers for this month were 5, 0, 13, and 6. The zero number was a Sunday that I cancelled the service because of the extreme weather we were having. I know that you northern brethren don’t understand us southern brethren closing during inclement weather, but when the temperatures reach zero and below zero degrees, icy roads, and freezing pipes, we are just not climatized for such extremes and cannot function well at those levels. However, the following Sunday we had thirteen in attendance, relatives of Bro. and Sis. Gaches making up the majority of those visitors. Jeremiah and Keely came from Yukon, OK., Hunter and Ally came from Stillwater. Debrina Northern, the Gaches’ daughter, also came from Stillwater. All had visited before except Jeremiah and Keely. We were happy to receive them, and we had a good service.

A Personal Note

Roxanne will be having surgery on February 20th at 3 o’clock p.m. to remove the left lobe of her thyroid. We are hoping that the Lord will use this to reduce the a-fib activity of her heart. Please remember her and us at that time in your prayers.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,
Tim & Roxanne Parrow
II Tim. 1:7