1. What is the Millennium? (The thousand year, literal reign of Christ upon the earth.)
    1. Is the word “Millennium” a Biblical word? (It is the word translated “thousand” in the Latin Bible.)
    2. What is the Greek word for “Millennium” (“Chilioi – khil’-ee-oy .)
    3. What are a couple of the terms used to describe people who believe in a literal Millennium? (Millennialists and Chileists).
  2. Has the Millennium begun yet? (No.)
  3. Is the Millennium a large or small Biblical subject? (Huge.)
  4. What group of people do the prophecies of the Millennium primarily concern? (Israel.)
    1. Does the Millennium concern only this people? (No.)
    2. Generally speaking, what will today’s saints be doing during the Millennium? (Living and reigning with Christ – Rev. 20:4).
  5. What relationship do the Old Testament covenants have to do with the Millennium? (Those covenants are the basis of all Eschatology including the Millennium.)
  6. What is a covenant? (An act of God whereby He established an agreement with a special segment of mankind.)
  7. What are the two varieties of covenants? (Conditional and Unconditional).
  8. Name the most important CONDITIONAL covenant in the Old Testament. (Mosaic).
    1. What were the basic terms of that covenant? (The obedience of Israel would bring about God’s blessings; disobedience would bring about God’s judgment).
    2. Has God been keeping His part of that covenant? (Yes.)
    3. Has Israel been keeping their part of that covenant? (No.)
  9. What are the four most important UNCONDITIONAL covenants? (Abrahamic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New).
  10. Besides being unconditional, what are some other aspects of the basic nature of each of those covenants? (Literal, eternal, unconditional, and with a specific people).
  11. To whom did God first give the Abrahamic covenant, and where can we read it? (Gen. 12:1-7; 13:14-17; 15; 17:1-14; 22:15-18).
    1. What did God covenant to do in Gen. 12:1-7? (Bless, make great, make a blessing, make a great nation, give the land of Palestine).
    2. What did God covenant to do in Gen. 13:14-17?
    3. What did God additionally covenant to do in Gen. 17:4-8? (Kings, God to his seed forever).
  12. Has the Abrahamic Covenant been completely fulfilled?
    1. Has this covenant been basically or partially fulfilled? (Not really).
    2. From what we have studied, will this covenant be fulfilled during the Tribulation? (No).
    3. Other than its eternal aspects, when will the Abrahamic Covenant be fulfilled? (The Millennium).
  13. Are there any scriptures which describe the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant?
  14. What does Isaiah 10:20-23 say about this fulfillment?
  15. What does Isaiah 43:1 say about this fulfillment?
  16. What does Isaiah 65:8-10 say about this fulfillment?
  17. What does Jeremiah 30:18-22 say about this fulfillment?
  18. What does Jeremiah 32:36-44 say about this fulfillment?
  19. What does Ezekiel 34:20-31 say about this fulfillment?
  20. What does Micah 7:18-20 say about this fulfillment?