1. What is the Millennium? (The thousand year, literal reign of Christ upon the earth.)
  2. Has the Millennium begun yet? (No.)
  3. What group of people do the prophecies of the Millennium primarily concern? (Israel.)
    1. Does the Millennium concern only this people? (No.)
    2. Generally speaking, what will today’s saints be doing during the Millennium? (Living and reigning with Christ – Rev. 20:4).
  4. What relationship do the Old Testament covenants have to do with the Millennium? (Those covenants are the basis of all Eschatology, including the Millennium.)
  5. What is a covenant? (An act of God whereby He established an agreement with a special segment of mankind.)
  6. What are the four most important UNCONDITIONAL covenants? (Abrahamic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New).
  7. Are these four independent covenants? (The last three might be considered subsections to the first).
  8. Besides being unconditional, what are some other aspects of the basic nature of each of those covenants? (Literal, eternal, unconditional, and with a specific people – they are not to be applied willy-nilly).
  9. To whom did God first give the Abrahamic covenant, and where can we read it? (Gen. 12, 13, 15, 17, & 22).
    1. What did God covenant to do in Gen. 22:15-18? (To bless and multiply his seed, and through his Seed bless all the nations of the earth).
    2. To what two things does the word “seed” refer? (To Abraham’s children and to the Messiah).
  10. What is the general “double reference” aspect of the Davidic Covenant in II Samuel 7:12-16? (Part of the promise obviously relates to Solomon, and some of the eternal aspects relate to Christ).
    1. Did Christ ever commit iniquity or require God’s chastening? (No.)
    2. Was Christ ever smitten with the stripes of the children of men? (Yes).
    3. Was God, the Father, ever merciful to the Son?
    4. In what way was the house and kingdom of David established for ever? (Through Christ’s salvation and His millennial kingdom).
  11. What is the meaning of the covenant referred to in Psalm 89:1-4; 34-36?
    1. Is this an unconditional covenant? (Yes).
    2. Is this an eternal covenant?
  12. Should the Davidic covenant be understood in a literal or figurative fashion? (Literal).
    1. Did David believe that it would be literally fulfilled? (Yes).
    2. Have any portions of this covenant been fulfilled? (Yes, in the birth of Solomon, for example).
    3. Have the fulfilled portions been literal or figurative?
    4. Should we expect the rest to be figurative or literal?
  13. Can we see the literal fulfilment of this covenant in the world today? (Not really).
    1. When will the details of this covenant be more fully fulfilled? (The Millennium).
  14. How does the promise made to Mary relate to the Covenant with David (Luke 1:31-33)?
    1. Has the son of Mary established a literal, eternal kingdom on earth?
    2. Will He establish a literal kingdom, and if so when? (During the Millennium.)
  15. What is the relationship of the return of Christ to the Davidic Covenant? (Essential).
    1. What is the relationship of Christ to Millennium? (Essential).
    2. To what does Isaiah 11 refer? (The Millennium).
  16. Where do we find reference to the New Covenant? (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 37:21-28).
    1. Is this a conditional covenant? (No.)
    2. Is this an eternal covenant? (Yes).
  17. How important is the New Covenant to the Millennium? (Foundational).
  18. By what New Testament word could we summarize the New Covenant with Israel? (Salvation).
    1. Does the fact that the Lord saves individual Gentiles fulfill the New Covenant with Israel? (No.)
    2. Should this covenant be understood literally or figuratively? (Literally).
  19. Ezekiel 37 speaks about a temple; will that be a literal temple or something else, like “the church?”
    1. Which temple will that be: Solomon’s, Herod’s, or ? (Millennial).
  20. Excluding the Sadducean sect, were the Jews of Jesus’ day looking for a literal or figurative Millennium?
  21. Based upon God’s Word, should we expect there to be a literal Millennium?