1. What do we mean by “the Tribulation?” (The seven year period when God’s wrath is poured out on the earth).
  2. Upon what group of people does the Tribulation primarily focus? (Israel.)
  3. Will there be a nation called “Israel” during the Tribulation? (Yes.)
  4. Will Israel, as a nation, be converted or follow Christ before the Tribulation? (No.)
  5. Will Israel, as a nation, be converted to Christ early in the Tribulation? (No.)
    1. Will the people of Israel be aware or stirred up by the translation of the saints? (Probably.)
  6. By whose influence and power will Israel enjoy peace with her neighbors during the first part of the Tribulation? (Antichrist – Daniel 9:26-27).
  7. Do Ezek. 36:24-28 and similar scriptures teach that Israel will be restored to her land as unconverted people or as redeemed? (She will be restored unconverted, and later God will cleanse her.)
  8. Will there be no true believers in Israel during the Tribulation? (There will be a remnant of believers.)
    1. When will these people come to believe on Jesus Christ? (After the rapture.)
  9. Who are the two witnesses of Rev. 11:1-12?
    1. Of what will they witness?
  10. Are the 144,000 of Rev. 7, Russellites as the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult claims? (No. Rev. 7:4ff.)
    1. Are the 144,000 servants of God?
    2. In what period of time will they serve the Lord? (The Tribulation.)
  11. Will Israel rebuild her temple? (Yes. Rev. 11:1-2, etc.)
    1. If so, where will it be located? (On the original site.)
  12. What is it that many believe Dan. 9:27 teaches about the temple? (Antichrist will defile it.)
    1. What does II Thess. 2:3-4 teach about the temple? (Antichrist will defile it.)
  13. Will this be the temple of the Millennium? (No.)
  14. What does Jere. 30:1-10 call the Tribulation, and particularly the last half of the Tribulation? (Jacob’s Trouble.)
  15. During the Tribulation what is going to happen to the general population of the earth? (Decimation.)
    1. Would you expect a greater or smaller percentage of Israel to survive the Tribulation?
    2. What are the people called who will survive the Tribulation? (The Elect, Matt. 24:22; Dan. 12:1.)
  16. At the close of the Tribulation what will be the most spectacular event? (The return of Christ, Rev. 1:7.)
  17. What will be the Lord’s purpose at that time, as far as the wicked Gentiles are concerned? (He will come to put down the wicked and their armies, Zech.12:9-10.)
  18. What will happen to Israel at the time of the Lord’s return? (What remains of the nation, the elect, will be saved, Rom. 11:26-27.)
  19. The conversion of Israel will be similar to the conversion of what man in the Book of Acts? (Saul of Tarsus.)
  20. Will Israel’s establishment in the Promised Land again be temporary? (No. Ezek. 34:22-31, Amos 9:11-15.)