From “Studies in the Lord’s Prayer,” by Pastor K. David Oldfield

Studies in the Lord’s Prayer

John 17:1-26

By K. David Oldfield


The nearer that a person approaches the throne of God, the more cautious he ought to become. The more that a person knows of the Lord, the more worthless and helpless he will realize himself to be. And when someone deliberately chooses to step toward the burning bush of the presence of the Lord, he must immediately kick off his shoes and walk very, very carefully.

This manuscript contains a study of our Saviour’s earthly, High Priestly prayer. Any study of the personal prayer life of the Lord Jesus Christ must to be considered as more sacred and holy than even Moses’ approach towards the Lord on the backside of the desert.

It is in this attitude that we come to John 17. We will strive to remind ourselves that we are but observers and eavesdroppers in the communion between the Son and His Father. What is being uttered may be on behalf of the saints, but it is not for the saints – that is – for their entertainment or speculation. This is holy ground!

We ask that the reader be patient with the writer. Perhaps he treads a bit too cautiously in some places, while stomping incon-siderately in other places. If what he says doesn’t fully match your perspective and perception, reconsider the simplicity and direction of the scripture being studied, before you toss this manuscript away.

When this project was first begun there was no hidden agenda involved: no axe to grind or private doctrine to highlight. There was only a desire to expound our Saviour’s prayer in such a way that first, the author, and then the hearers and readers, might be blessed and edified.

We ask at this point that you begin each chapter with prayer of your own. May God open your heart to the richness and wonder of this great, marvelous and absolutely unique part of God’s revelation.

– K. David Oldfield

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