Would you say that there is a difference between the “Doctrine of Christ” and the “Doctrine of Jesus?”

How many “Jesus’es” have there been throughout the centuries?

How many “Christ’s” have there been?

What is the difference between the two?

What is the unity between the two?

What theological word is used to describe the first coming of the Son of God to earth? (Parousia, incarnation, birth)

The family of Jesus Christ.

What makes something a human being? (Being a person; the ability to think; being part the species “homo sapien;” having the characteristics of other humans)?

Was Jesus of Nazareth a human being?

Based upon what would you say that Jesus was a human being?

Did Jesus have ordinary human flesh? (Quote a verse.) John 1:14 – “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”

Did Jesus have an ordinary, natural human mother? (Quote a verse.) Matthew 2:11 – “The young child was with Mary his mother.”

Did Jesus have ordinary, natural brothers? (Quote a verse.) Matthew 12:47 – “Behold, they mother and they brethren.”

Were there other members of Jesus family like sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews or cousins?

Jesus had sisters, and at least one aunt.

Mary, “behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age” and he will become John the Baptist.

Does having a human mother, and having human flesh make something a human being?

What about the necessity of a human soul?

From where does a human soul come?

The birth of Jesus.

Did Jesus have a human father?

Which does the Bible not say? Jesus was of – (the line and lineage of David, the seed of Abraham, the seed of Joseph; the seed of Mary, the seed of the woman)?

When Matthew 1:18 says, “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise…” what does that suggest?

What was so unusual about the conception of Jesus Christ? (Mary’s age, Joseph’s age, no human father).

Did Joseph know that he was not Jesus’ father?

Does the Bible ever suggest that some other man was the father of Jesus?

Who was/is the Father of Jesus Christ?

Does the Bible suggest that God had marital relations with Mary?

The angel which told Mary that she was to be the mother of Christ said, “_______________________ shall _______________ thee, and the ____________ of the ________________ shall ____________________. thee: therefore also that _______________ which shall be born of thee shall be called ________________.

What general term might we use to describe the conception of Christ? (Secret, miraculous, special)

What general term might we use to describe the birth of Christ. (Natural, painful, cavernous)

What theological or Biblical term might we use to describe the birth of Christ? A virgin birth

What three books of the Bible teach the virgin birth of Christ? Isaiah, Matthew and Luke.

What three books of the Bible cast doubt on the virgin birth?

If someone rejects the doctrine of the virgin birth it must be on (Biblical grounds, objective grounds, subjective grounds).

What is there in the life of Christ which leads people to reject His virgin birth?

It is sometimes said that the Apostle Paul did not believe in the virgin birth of Christ.

Which of these verses prove that Paul did believe in the miraculous incarnation of Christ (I Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 2:14; Romans 8:3; Philippians. 2:7).

The gospel of John does not speak of the virgin birth. Which of these verses prove that John believed in the Biblical doctrine of the Incarnation (John 1:1; John 1:14; I John 4:2)?

Do you think that Mary and Joseph often boasted about the conception of Christ?

The Natural human life of Jesus.

What verse says that Jesus grew? (Matthew 1:2; Mark 2:1; Luke 2:40).

What verse says that Jesus grew physically strong like Samson?

In what areas did Jesus especially excel? (Mathematics, poetry, spiritual wisdom, favour with God, favour with men.)

To what should we attribute Jesus growth (His godly home, home schooling, synagogue schooling, brotherly assistance; personal Bible study, fellowship with His Father, the grace of God)?

Did Jesus possess the attributes of deity when He was a boy?

Did Jesus display the attributes of deity while He was a boy?

Did Jesus sin?

When neighbors and other citizens looked at Jesus what did they see (John 4:9)? (An angel, God, a man)

What did the woman of Samaria when she looked at Jesus? (A man, a Jew, a demigod).

Did Jesus walk about with a halo around His head?

Did Jesus have long hair?

Did Jesus have a human spirit? Proof? Luke 23:46 – “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”

Did Jesus have a human soul? Scripture? Matthew 26:38 – “My soul is exceeding sorrowful.”

Did Jesus possess a true human nature?

When we say that Jesus was subject to the sinless of infirmities of human nature…..

Does that mean that Jesus sinned?

Did Jesus ever complain about hunger? Matthew 4:2 – complain????

When did Jesus get really thirsty? On the cross.

Did Jesus ever suffer with sinus infections or have a bad cold?

Why did Jesus sleep?

Why did Jesus eat?

When Adam was created did he have a sin nature?

Is sin a part of unfallen human nature?

We speak of natural depravity, but in reality is sin “natural?”

What was Jesus’ favorite term for Himself? (God, Son of God, Son of Man).

How often did He use that term? (21, 41, 61, 81 times).

Why is that an appropriate term?

The humanity of Christ theologically.

Limitations of the Old Testament sacrifices.

Could the Israelite priesthood or the average Hebrew, offer a cripple animal as a sacrifice to God?

In the various sacrifices, what sort of animal was to be offered? The very best

Do you suppose that there was ever an absolutely perfect animal sacrificed to God.

Of all the sacrifices which do you suppose came the closest to physical perfection? (The Atonement goat, the Passover Lamb, te red heifer).

What was one of the major limitations of the Old Testament sacrifices?

Why was it important that the Son of God became incarnate? (To be a better teacher of God; to rebuke us; to be a better mediator with God; to be the perfect sacrifice.)

If Christ had not become our sacrifice, in order to fellowship with God, we would still need to do what?

If Christ had not been a perfect sacrifice, we would still be what?