1. Why is Revelation 20:11-15 generally called the Great White Throne Judgment?
  2. Is this the same judgment that is described in II Corinthians 5:10-11?
    1. Why is this sometimes called the Bema Judgment? (Bema is the Greek word for “judgment seat.”)
    2. What will be the matters judged at the Bema ( I Corinthians 3:11-15)? (Christian works).
    3. Will sin be judged at the Bema? (No, sin has been judged in Christ at Calvary.)
    4. Who will be the Judge at the Bema? (Christ, the Father judgeth no man, bu hath committed all judgment unto the Son).
    5. When will the Bema take place?.(Prior to the Millennium and after the Tribulation).
    6. Will the Bema take place at a different location than the Great White Throne? (???)
    7. Will the Bema not involve a white throne? (It probably will).
  3. When will the Great White Throne Judgment take place? (After the Millennium).
    1. Why isn’t this judgment called the Megas Lukos Thronos? (Too complicated).
    2. Is there any symbolical significance in the size and color of this throne?
  4. Who will be sitting on the Great White Throne? (Christ).
  5. According to Acts 17:31, what will be the general tone or nature of this judgment? (Righteousness).
  6. What will happen to the heaven and the earth at this time? (“Fled away” – burned up).
  7. Who are they who will stand before this throne?. (The dead).
    1. Will there be any wicked or unregenerated who are NOT dead prior to this resurrection? (Apparently not).
    2. Will there be any righteous who will be dead and resurrected at that time? (No.)
    3. So will this be a judgment between the righteous and the wicked? (No.)
    4. Will any of the righteous (redeemed) be present at this judgment? (Apparently).
  8. Why will this judgment be public? (Glory to the Lord, particularly to the Son in saving others).
  9. If the wicked are dead prior to this judgment, why not leave them and not resurrect them? *Justice, the glory of God, and ???).
  10. Will it only be the really, really wicked who are judged at this time? (No, the small and great).
  11. What books will be opened at this judgment? (The Lamb’s Book of Life, and others probably including the Bible and possibly personal records).
    1. What other books will likely be opened? (The law, and records of the lives of the dead).
    2. Will there be witnesses called to testify against the accused? (No.)
    3. Why? (This is the judgment of the omniscient God).
    4. Will there be appeals made and threats of retrials?
  12. Why are their works going to be judged? (To determine the depth (not the extent) of their judgment).
    1. Will the Lake of Fire be the same punishment for all? (Apparently not, however it will be horrible for all).
  13. Will people be “judged” according to what the Lamb’s Book of Life indicates? (Not really).
  14. What is the word translated “hell” in this passage? (Hades).
    1. Is this “hell,” what most people picture as hell? (No).
    2. What is it that most people picture when they hear the word “hell”? (They picture the Lake of Fire).
  15. What does the Scripture mean when it says that “death and hell” were cast into the Lake of Fire? (Those who were spiritually dead and whose souls were then in hades will be cast body and soul into the Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone).
    1. Doesn’t the reference to death and hell intimate that the wicked will be consumed and annihilated? (No).
  16. Do Revelation 21:4 and I Corinthians 15:26 merely say that God’s creatures will never die from that point on? (No. Death is a state as well as an event; a noun as well as a verb. The state of death will no longer exist).
  17. Is this lake real or just a metaphor for something else? (Real).
  18. What will be the determining factor in the condemnation of these people? (Whether they are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life).
  19. How can we know whether or not our names are in that book?
  20. Will lost men be the only ones in God’s creation to be judged at the close of the Millennium (II Peter 2:4)?
    1. For whom was the Lake of Fire created (Matthew 25:41)? (The Devil and his angels)
    2. Where do you suppose Satan’s angels will be during the Millennium (Rev. 20:2-3)? (With Satan?)
  21. When will Satan’s angels be cast into the Lake of Fire? (Revelation 20:10?)