On this day in 1775, Thomas Scrivner was born. When in Madison County, Kentucky, the Lord redeemed him, he followed the Lord in baptism and joined the Tates Creek Baptist Church. He and his family moved around somewhat after that, before settling near Glasgow, Kentucky, where he joined the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. The sovereign God sent revival blessings down on Mt. Pleasant, and its members caught fire for the Lord. Brother Scrivner, who was a deacon by this time, began meeting with neighbors for prayer; then he started reading scriptures to them, and soon was making comments on those scriptures until he was preaching and urging them to trust Christ. In 1829, he was ordained and organized the Fountain Run Baptist Church. He pastored that congregation for nearly thirty years, but he also regularly ministered to the people in Dover, four miles away, and in Peters Creek, ten miles away, in Mt. Gilead, twenty-two miles from Glasgow, and at Indian Creek twenty miles from his home. At the heights of God’s blessings, Brother Scrivner was ministering to more than nine hundred people every week. You probably didn’t yet complete the math, but in 1829, when Bro. Scrivner began pastoring and carrying out his circuit ministry, he was fifty-four years of age. And he served his Saviour, sacrificing everything for Him for three decades, dying in 1864 at the age of eighty-nine.