Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Bible Studies Month

               As I am in the work of finishing the preaching on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and preaching precisely on, “The Holy Spirit’s Divine Work in the Preservation of the Holy Scriptures,” I find people who having heard the messages are now wanting copies of my notes on the subject matter. I am always pleased to give copies of my notes to anyone who wants them, hoping to further their learning. Thus far I have exposed the doctrinal errors of the following modern versions popularly used by many today: the Good News Bible, the New American Standard Version, the New English Bible, The New International Version, The New King James Version, and the Revised Standard Version. I have two more to expose, The Living Bible and The English Standard Version.” I am doing this by means of the literary expertise of Dr. D. A. Waite, formerly director of The Bible for Today, Incorporated and the Trinitarian Bible Society of London, England.

Latino Outreach

Although there are millions of Latino and other people coming into the United States of America at our southern border, it does not seem like very many of them are coming to the Stillwater area, although some are as we are experiencing in the court activity we conduct. This month we have translated for Nerio, Anselmo, Lidia, Roberto, Alfredo, Antonio, and Jorge. All of their crimes are on the misdemeanor level, and one is a wife abuse crime. Please remember us in prayer about this outreach. It is becoming more and more difficult to make contact with these people.

Personal Note

My dear wife Roxanne underwent surgery to remove the left lobe of her thyroid on February 20th at the Community Hospital of Oklahoma City. Her surgeon, Dr. Hagood, said that all went well and that she should return to his office for a follow-up visit in two weeks. She did that and is now doing very well according to the doctor and her own words. We thank each one of you who prayed for her and us and the success of her surgery.

 By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7