Dear Pastor and Brethren:
Blessings amidst Difficulties.
Although the difficulties of January continued into February there were blessings as well for which to praise the Lord. We have learned to thank the Lord for the difficulties, but the blessings sure do bring relief. The blessings are centered primarily around the Word of God and seeing the folks that come to our services respond to it. As I am doing expository preaching on the Book of Acts, I am sure that the hearers of my messages have never heard of the subject matter before. My messages have been centered around Acts chapter two and dealing with the day of Pentecost, the Person (Holy Spirit), the Purpose, the Preaching, and the Power of Pentecost. Another blessing, this one of temporal significance, is that New Testament Baptist Church of Burton, Oh., Pastor Billy Holbrook, sent us a love offering of $1500. 00 in addition to their regular support. We do thank Bro. Holbrook and the brethren for their timely giving to the Lord’s work here in Stillwater. The cost of everything is rising substantially, and we do trust the Lord to meet our needs through the sacrificial giving of the Lord’s churches.
Latino Ministry
This month we have been able to deal with six Latinos/Latinas through the court system.
Remember that we do have coming to our services Jose Bautista Sanchez now on a regular basis. He said that he could translate for me if any Spanish speaking people might come to our services. The names of those who we have reached are as follows: Elizabeth Soto, Darwin Julian, Perla Angulo, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Miguel de la Rosa, and Jose Rodriguez. Please continue to pray about our Spanish outreach efforts.
A Simple Prayer Request
Though this may be a simple request, please pray that the Lord might be pleased to send us some rain. The truth is, we need a substantial amount of rain. We are under a bum ban because we have not received much moisture during the last several months. We did receive about four inches of snow a few weeks ago and then about one inch a few days ago. The Lord is the only source for this blessing, so please pray about this need with us.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,
Tim and Roxanne Parrow