Dear Pastor and Brethren:

February Freeze

We thank the Lord that we are finally thawing out from the February freeze. Such snow and cold weather caused us to have to cancel two Wednesday evening services and a Sunday morning service. Temperatures reached eight degrees below zero at night with about eight inches of snow for some fifteen days in a row. Many water pipes froze and broke but thank the Lord ours did not nor did we have much trouble at our building although a water line did freeze but did not break. We are in the southern plains and just not prepared for that kind of extended cold weather.

Low Attendance

Attendance to our services also froze in addition to the cancellations. Sis. Roxanne only had one child to teach in Sunday School for the entire month. Our numbers ran as follows, 10, 11, and 9 for the Sunday services during the month.

A Special Service!

The Lord did bless us with a special service with the Bert Craft family, missionaries to Mexico on Friday evening the 26th. We had sixteen in attendance with some four of those being unregenerate persons. Sis. Heather Craft accompanied the congregation on the piano following my directing of three hymns. The Craft family sang two hymns, one in Spanish and one in English. I sang just before the message, “Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy,” by Joseph Hart. Bro. Bert Craft preached on the topic, “Precious, Purchased Possession.” After the service we had a time of fellowship and light refreshments. The lost heard the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and believers were edified. Bro. Phillip McGee came from Cashion, Ok., Alfred and Cheryl Smith came from Ponca City, Ok. Jose Sanchez (primarily Spanish speaking) and two of his children came. He had a nice conversation in Spanish with Bro. Craft. It was indeed, a precious time of worship, spiritual challenge, and fellowship. The Bert Craft family was a special blessing to all of us.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow

II Tim. 1:7