Greetings in Jesus· Name,
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for our family and for the ministry. I have been amazed at how God has given us so many opportunities to serve Him over these last few months. After seeing so many doors close during the difficulties of the last summer, it has been a great joy to us to have our schedule full again. As new concerns arise nationwide about new Covid-19 variants, please continue to pray that fears and/or new shutdowns would not hinder our ability to go and labor for God’s glory.
We completed the Bible distribution at Choctaw Central High School on the reservation in Mississippi by handing out around 250 more Bibles and 750 more tracts. This was just an amazing opportunity and I’m grateful we could take part in it. While we were there, we helped in an evangelistic meeting at Faith Missionary Baptist Church. The church building is in desperate need of a new roof. I have been asked to head up this project by helping to raise funds and put a crew together to complete it. If you have any interest in helping us please let me know.
The month of June began with VBS at Grace Indian Baptist Church. Brandi taught their youngest class and I helped in the opening assembly, singing, and preached their commencement service. From there we went to Wapanucka and preached a Wed. through Sunday meeting for Missionary Mark Hodges at Emmanuel Baptist Church. The following week Brandi helped the youngest class and I taught the adult class and preached several times at Springhill Bible Camp. The following Sunday we made the 9 hour round trip to Swappingback Baptist Mission to preach. Please pray for this work and our part in it going forward.
Our VBS at Indian Mission Baptist began the first week of July and it was greatly blessed. I taught the adult class and preached two nights and Brandi again taught the youngest class. We have a service at the end of each night to preach the gospel and God touched the hearts of several people, young and older. Between Monday night and Friday night we saw 4 people profess faith in Christ. We do not look for numbers but it was a great joy to see fruit from our labors. These have all followed the Lord in baptism and joined the church. What a blessing!
After our VBS we left for an extended NW trip. I was able to preach on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon, 3 times in Idaho, and also in the Tri-cities area of Washington. We really enjoyed our time with Calvary Independent Baptist Church in Post Falls, ID. We spent a week in fellowship with them at their family camp and were greatly refreshed. Sadly, Bro. Bob Phillips passed away while we were on our way there. He was a Cherokee and a veteran missionary of over 30 years on the Colville Reservation in Washington state. It was an honor to be able to attend his funeral. His death leaves another gaping hole in Native American ministry and in a region where there is already a great need, in general, for laborers.
We finished out August having returned to preach in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and NC. I have felt the burden of God’s call so greatly in these last few months.       As Paul said, “necessity is laid upon me, yea, woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel.” Please continue to pray for us as we seek the Lord’s will in ministry. We love you all and you are in our prayers.
Yours in Christ, The Silvers Family