The natural man hates the idea of divine creation because it (presupposes the existence of God; elevates Adam & Eve over “Lucy” & the Cro magnon man; leads to the existence of sin; magnifies Christ Jesus). All

If Biblical creation is not true then the ideas of (extra-terrestrial humanoid life; summer vacations; sin; salvation) would crumble. Sin and salvation

The Biblical doctrine of sin (would be destroyed; would be elevated; would cease to exist; would ripen) if Biblical creation was proven to be false). Destroyed, cease to exist

If man eliminated the Bible and the Biblical doctrine of creation (the average man would be delighted; sin would cease to exist; Hell would be eliminated; Heaven would be free to all). Sin would still be sin

The first use of the word “sin” is in (the Book of Romans; God’s command to Adam about the Tree of Life; Genesis 3; God’s discussion with Abel). God’s talking with Cain

The first human sin was committed by (Cain & Abel; Ruth & Boaz; Mary & Martha; Adam & Eve.)

Despite being defined many ways in God’s Word, the context of Genesis 2 & 3 suggest that essentially sin is (eating too much; eating unhealthy food; disobedience to God; not saying “grace” before eating).

The study of sin is (ridiculous; hamartiology; counter-productive; encourages sinful behavior). Grk-Hamartio

The nature of sin.

I Jn. 3:4 teaches that sin is (an action; a transgression of God’s law; disobedience to God; pride). All but pride

Which of the following is not sin (murder; slander; theft; adultery). All of these are

All of these sins are (crimes according to human laws; physical acts; worthy of flogging; nothing at all when committed by elected officials). Physical acts

Matthew 15:19 teaches that sin is (a state of the heart; a part of the human “being;” chargeable only when expressed outwardly; something of which to be proud). Sin is a state, a part of our being

Hatred is not sin when there is no (blood shed; black eye; victim; God doesn’t see). Always sin

Adultery is sin (when there is pornography involved; when a baby is conceived; when it’s only in the form of lust; when it doesn’t involve political officials). Lust is adultery and sin in God’s sight

If sin is only an evil action then (wicked imaginations; not obeying God; evil plans; denial of clear Biblical principles) are not sin. If sin is only an evil action, then yes

But each of these things are (sin, wickedness, condemned by God; ignored by God). Not ignored

“And GOD saw that the ________________of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the _______________ of his ___________________ was only evil continually.” Genesis 6:5

“The heart is ________________ above all things, and desperately _______________: who can know it?”

“Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an ____________ heart of _____________, in departing from the living God.” Hebrews 3:12

“If then I do that which I would not (sin), I consent unto the law (God’s) that it is good. Now then it is no more I that do it, but ____________ that dwelleth in me.” Romans 716-17

The law may be best summarized with these two thoughts – (hate sin & hate sinners; love God & obey Him; quit sin & be baptized; love God with all that you are & love your neighbor as yourself). Love the Lord thy God

Sin may be summarized as (rebellion against God; unbelief in God; distrust of God’s Word and commands; love of self). All of these

Satan’s apostasy and sin was (gluttony; bribery; ambition & self-glorification; rebellion against God).

The sin of Adam and Eve sprang from (fleshly hunger; Satanic encouragement; selfish desire; hatred of God). Selfish desire, encouraged by Satan

Generally speaking man’s sin (reflects, parallels; supercedes; nullifies) Satan’s sins. Reflect & parallel

Cain’s sin was (betting on football games; internet porn; jealousy; murder) Jealousy and murder

Generally speaking Cain’s sin (reflected, paralleled; superceded; nullified) Satan’s sin. Reflected & parall

Most if not all sin (reflects, parallels; supercedes; nullified) Satan’s sin. Reflect & parallel

Descriptions and definitions of sin.

Despising one’s neighbor is sin because (Solomon says so; God says so; it reflects personal self-importance; my neighbor is such a good man). Prov. 14:21 – God says so, and it shows pride

Foolish thoughts are sin because (Solomon says so; the Holy Spirit says so; my thoughts are never foolish; my heart is pure). Prov. 24:9

In the multitude of words there is sin because (eventually I will misdefine or mis-pronounce something; Solomon says so; God says so; eventually our self-centeredness will reveal itself). Prov. 10:19

Any form of unbelief condemns us because whatsoever is not (of wisdom; of God; of faith; of the heart) is sin. Of God; faith – Rom 14:23 whatsoever is not of faith is sin

To know to do good and do it not is sin because (Solomon says so; the Holy Spirit says so; it is rebellion; it is un-God-like). James 4:17 – Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not; to him it is sin

(Most; some; all; no) unrighteousness is sin. I Jn. 5:17 – all

Universality of sin.

New born babies are not sinners because (they have been washed with blood; they have been washed from blood; they haven’t committed sin; yes, they are sinners). All descendants of Adam are sinners

Because babies haven’t lied or stolen things, they are (not as sinful; not as guilty; not as vulnerable; not as wicked) as the average American politician. That depends on the definition of “wicked”

New born babies are sinners because (of parental immorality; they are human beings; they are descendants of Adam; they sinned in the womb). They are humans beings descended from Adam

We know that babies are sinners because (Solomon says so; God says so; they are prone to death; it doesn’t take long before they do sinful things). It was John, not Solomon who said so

“If we say that we have no ____________, we __________________ ourselves, and the __________ is not in us.” I John 1:8

Just because one sinner hasn’t committed the same number of wicked sins as another that does not mean that he isn’t (a sinner; a human being; depraved; judged by God).

Just because the Bible says “for there is no man that sinneth not” that doesn’t mean that women and children are (sinless; guiltless; entirely forgiven; bound for Heaven). All or any of these

“Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?” is a rhetorical question, because it is (wretched; obvious; needs no answer; can’t be answered). Obvious and needs no answer

“But we are all as an __________________ thing, and all our ____________________ are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our ________________, like the wind, have taken us away.”

Of course, the “we all” refers only to (Israel; men; prophets of God; everyone). Everyone

“For ________________ have ____________________, and come short of the glory of God;” so everyone needs (to die; a Saviour; deliverance; to repent and trust Christ). No need to die

The Bible declares that everyone needs to repent before God and to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in order to be saved because (they can’t go to Heaven without these things; it would please God if they did; it would please their parents; they are all sinners). They are all sinners

The extent of sin.

The Bible teaches (that some sins don’t need forgiveness; that God can’t forgive everything; total depravity; sinners can cleanse their own hearts). Total depravity

This means that every sinner (is as openly wicked as he can possibly be; that he has no moral conscience; that he can’t obey any of God’s commands; that he has sinned in every possible way). None of these

Total depravity means that sin has touched and corrupted (our minds; our souls; our consciences; our hearts). All

Sin has made all of us (unfit for God’s presence; unable to do anything to please God; absolutely dependent on God’s grace and mercy; in need of regeneration). All of these