God (Jehovah) is (sovereign; omnipotent; all-knowing; holy). All of these

Which attribute underlies all of God’s other attributes – His (grace; omnipotence; holiness; omniscience)?

God (can; cannot; must) overlook those things in creation which are not holy. Cannot

Man was created (by God; immutable; innocent; sinful). Innocent by God

The first man (liked living in Eden; listened to Satan; chose to sin; fell). Chose to sin – fell

God (smiled; rejoiced to know that He would be forced to save a few sinners; rejoiced to know that He could now display His grace; judged Adam) for his sin. Judged Adam

Adam (rejoiced; died; was expelled; had a dozen kids) after he sinned against God. Died – was expelled

God had been (obligated; moved by compassion; required by law; gracious) in warning Adam about what would happen if he sinned. Gracious

God warned the man about eating the forbidden fruit (in order to prepare His defense for when the case came to court; intensify the man’s guilt; establish a precedence; teach an eternal truth). Teach

When Adam was 930 years old, he (came to his senses; died; held his first grandchild; repented). Died

Death is a part of (God’s original plan for life; God’s judgment for sin; extinction; God’s glory). Judgment

Judgment of the sinner.

“For (52%; 99%; all; none) have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” All

If we say that we have not sinned, we (are confused; lie; deceive ourselves; condemn ourselves). All

“Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?”

“We are all as an unclean thing, and all our _______________________ are as filthy rags…………. and our ___________________ like the wind have taken us away.”

These things have taken us away to (Hawaii; Paradise; judgment; death). Judgment and death

The minimum wage for sin is ($3.50 an hour; on a floating scale; ten years in Folsom; death). Death

“He that pursueth evil pursueth it (to the finishing line; into the ground; toward Satan; unto his death). Death

Ezek. 18:4 says that souls which sin shall die, because those souls (are wicked; belong to God; are expendable; are already dying). Are God’s

God, as sovereign, has even sent (trees; bees; cow bells; angels) to (time out; California; Siberia; Hell) for their sins against Him.

In Rev. 20:12 we see (angels; demons; the dead) stand before God. The dead

They were standing before God in order to be (made alive; judged; fed; resuscitated). Judged

In human jurisprudence there is (no need; no precedence; no history; provision) for judging the dead.

We must assume the people of Rev.20:12 were (righteous; incarcerated; handcuffed; alive) at the time. Alv

Those people had been dead (for a million years; spiritually; acoustically; physically), but at that time they had been (resurrected; reconstituted; released; revealed) in order to be judged. Physically, resurrected

They were judged according to (God’s books; their works; God’s holiness; their records). All

Those people were cast into (Alcatraz; Sing Sing; the lake of fire; a den of lions). Lake of fire

They were being judged for a combination of their (sinfulness; rejection of salvation; neglect of God’s general grace; pride). All

Heb. 9:27 says that judgment (precedes; exceeds; follows; overcomes) death. Follows

“The wicked shall be turned into _______________ , and all the nations that forget God.”

According to Isa. 14:15 the end of Lucifer will be (the White House; the Senate; Sheol; Arlington).

In His Sermon on the Mount Christ said that a maimed body is preferable to (hades; insanity; heresy; Mormonism). Hell – hades

In that same sermon He described hell as having (feathers; fires; fears; fathers). Fire

Today, the key-master of hell and death is (Christ; Alpha & Omega; Satan; Moses). Christ Alpha Omega

So the Bible says that all unredeemed, sinful people will (be cremated; die; be buried; be glorified), and then they will be (glorified; cremated; judged; extinguished). Die and be judged

Even though this is in the Bible, since none of my older relatives have experienced these things I (should not; must not; cannot; must) believe it to be true. Must

One person who did experience these things reported it was described in the Bible as (rich; stupid; lunatic; glorified). Rich – Luke 16

If some famous person today died, experienced God’s judgment, and was permitted to return to report his discoveries (he would be canonized; no one would believe him; God would be angry at him; he would be made President). No one would believe him

Our (best, only, perfect) source of information on this subject is (our own experience; psychics; books about people who have died; the Bible). Bible

Judgment of the saint.

A “saint” is someone who has been (saved, redeemed; sanctified; set apart unto God). All

A person may become a saint by (working hard; quitting his sin; salvation through grace; death). Salva

Saints will not be judged for their sins because (they asked for pardon; they are so good; they are so good looking; Christ was judged on their behalf). Christ bore our sins

Christ, “Who his own self bare our ___________________ in his own ________________ on the tree, that we, being dead to ________________ , should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.”

“So ____________________ was once offered to bear the _______________________ of many…..”

“Double jeopardy” refers to (the second round of a TV game; being tried for some crime a second time; a fun board game; when both the police and the mafia are hunting for you). Tried twice

Double jeopardy (has no Bible application; has Biblical application; has nothing to do with you; has nothing to do with Christ). Biblical application

In God’s plan of salvation, Christ (bore the sins of; died in the place of; vicariously suffered for; forever redeemed) those whom He determined to save. All of these

If Christ died in the place of God’s elect, with the elect’s sin laid upon Him, neither can be (judged for those sins; lost; forgotten by God; cast into Hell). All of these

According to Rev. 20:12 the wicked will be judged out of (the books; the Lamb’s book; court; sight).

The Lamb’s “Book of Life” contains (Proverbs; Psalms; the names of God’s elect; funny stories). Names

Those whose names are in the Book of Life will (not be judged in Rev. 21:12; not get lawyers; not need lawyers; pass into Heaven). Not be judged

Since Christ has been judged for the saints’ sins, those saints (will never be judged; will be judged differently; will be judged more harshly) than unsaved sinners. Differently

The Book of II Corinthians was written to (Christians; saints; the church in Corinth; make a profit). Not profit

“For we must ___________ appear before the _______________ seat of ______________; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath ________________, whether it be good or bad.”

The saints will not be judged at that time for their (salvation; good looks; sins; relatives). Salvation & (sin)?

They will be judged for their (service; works; worship; waywardness). All

According to I Cor. 3 the foundation of the saint’s life, hope and substance is (brick, concrete, Christ, faith).

Upon that foundation may be things described as (wood; hay; stubble; gold; silver). All

There will be a day of judgment for that saint, in which what he has built upon the foundation will (be put to the test; burned up; purified; lost). All of these

Yet, that judgment will have no effect on his (eternal soul; salvation; mansion in Heaven; angelic advisors).

Many of God’s saints will be (ashamed; embarrassed; tearful; thankful to be saved) that day. All

“Every man’s ___________ shall be made _________________: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by _________; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what ___________ it is.”

“Be ye ___________; for I am holy. And if ye call on the Father, who without ____________ of persons _____________ according to every man’s ___________, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear: Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not ______________ with corruptible things….. But with the precious _________________of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot: