In the context of World War Two, the “enigma” was a (disease; code; battleship; challenge) Enigma code

Was that enigma (an accident; a coincident; deliberate; a mistake? Deliberate

That enigma was a great focal point, because (a cure was important; we’ve got to sink the enigma; pride; understanding the enemy is important) Knowledge is power

The idea that a devil exists in the world is often (ridiculed; ignored; denied; disbelieved). All of these

Among the reasons for this are (ignorance; deception; confusion; revelation). All but revelation.

The one most benefitted by this denial is (our children; the Devil; God; Hollywood). The Devil

The greatest source for the confusion about Satan is (television, the movies, Jehovah, Satan). Satan

Does Satan exist?

To science the Devil is (an open question; a demonstrable fact; a mystery; a challenge). An non-entity.

The greatest source of information about Satan is (television, the movies, John MIlton, the Bible) Bible.

In speaking about Satan, the Bible is (confusing; mystic; clear and concise; antiquated). Clear & c.

The Bible spells Satan’s title (“evil;” “devil;” “drivel;” “snivel”). Devil

If someone calls Satan “evil” that person casts doubt upon his (personality; existence; power; goodness)

Which is more clear (that God exists; that Satan exists; how Satan became the Devil; that the Bible is true)?

Which is more likely – that (God sins; God can sin; God created the Devil; God created sin)? None.

Among the Devil’s names there are (Satan, the dragon, the old serpent; Lucifer). All of these.

According to Isaiah 14:12-14 Lucifer (was the son of the morning; was the creator of demons; was a mighty angel; fell) Son of the Morning; fell.

He started out in (a maternity ward; Heaven; Vancouver; Spokane). Heaven.

Lucifer’s problem was that he (ate too much; yearned for heaven; covet God’s throne; deceived Eve).

Lucifer’s ultimate end will be (the pit; Washington DC; Detroit; hell). Hell and the pit.

What will be the final end of Satan (The senate; the “pit;” the Lake of fire; incineration)? Rev. 20:2, 10

What is the likelihood that Lucifer and Satan are the same being (Unlikely; likely; highly likely; nope)

Assuming that they are the same, how did Lucifer become Satan (Sin, coveting God’s position; deceiving Eve; cheating on his taxes)? Sin and covetousness – he fell from his position

If, as most scholars affirm, Ezekiel 28:12-19 is speaking about Satan, he (was once an angel of God; was in Eden; was created by God; was exceptionally beautiful). All

The creature in Ezekiel 28 is described as (wicked; deceptive; wise; perfect) Wise & perfect in some ways

The cause of his fall was (big feet; Menieres disease; his pride; his beauty) 28:17-18.

In Luke 10:18 the Lord Jesus said that he saw Satan (high & lifted up; cheating on his wife; fall; get sick).

If Christ Jesus says that Satan, the Devil, exists, then (he exists; he is scarey; he is evil; is a joke). Exists

What is “the condemnation of the Devil” (idolatry; adultery; covetousness; pride)? Pride – I Tim. 3:6

The Bible specifically says that at the beginning of His ministry, Christ was tempted by (the devil; the tempter; Satan; Lucifer). Devil, tempter, Satan

Obviously, in that temptation, Satan was (merely the power of evil; a creature; a powerful creature; a creature who could do things that you and I cannot do). Not mere evil.

What did Jesus call the tempter (evil; Lucifer, Stan, Satan)? Satan.

For whom or what did God originally create His “everlasting fire” (BBQ ribs; garbage incineration; Satan and his angels; sinners). Satan. Matt 25:41

The explanation that Christ spoke of the existence of Satan is that (He accommodated His words to match common opinion; He fostered superstitions; He lied; Satan exists) Satan exists

What is the likelihood that Satan exists (likely, unlikely, highly likely; absolutely)? There can be no doubt

His personality.

Personality entails (individuality; some mental ability; choice; emotions; feet). Not necessarily feet.

Personality is a quality found in something (dead; living; good; evil). Living

Eve was tempted to sin by (mere evil; a talking snake; Lucifer; an evil being). An evil being

Christ was tempted to sin by (an evil force; hunger; human weakness; an evil being). Evil being

I Jn. 3:8 suggests that the devil (chose to sin; has horns; has a pointed tale; has a pointy tail). Chose sin

Jn 8:44 teaches that devil (lusts; murders; rejects truth; lies). All of these.

The person speaking in Jn. 8:44 is (confused; trustworthy; Christ; insane). Christ & trustworthy

Job (was a real person; is a real person; is a character in a good story; is not to be trusted). Real person.

In Job 1:6 the sons of God (are the redeemed; saints; angels; Jesus and Lucifer). Angels


In Job 1:6 the sons of God were present before (Elohim; the power of good; Lucifer; Red Skelton). Elohim

Was that really God – in person?

Who also came among God and the sons of God (Queen Victoria; Peter; Job, Satan). Satan

If Elohim is a read being, and the sons of God who presented themselves were real beings (persons), we should assume that Satan (is an imaginary thought; a true being; a son of God; a saint). A person.

The Satan of the Bible displays the characteristics of (personhood; intelligence; existence; God). Not God

Satan chose (to tempt Christ; to stop tempting Christ when he knew that he was defeated; argue with God over Job; tempted Eve) All of these

Satan has power (to defeat God; blind men’s eyes; blind men’s hearts; award kingdoms) Not defeat God

Satan gave Job (joy, friends; boils, peace) Boils

Matthew 13 teaches us that Satan can (divert rivers; steal seed; sow error; defeat God) Steal & sow.

Things such as these indicate that Satan has (gumption; personality; diabolical plans; a wicked heart) Per

His Character.

In Hebrew “Satan” means (serpent; Lucifer; friend; adversary). Adversary

In Greek “Satan” refers to (the Hebrew word “Satan;” serpent, friend; adversary). Heb: adversary

The Devil’s name tells us that he is (the enemy; opposed to God; opposed to righteousness; the protagonist in an epic novel). Our enemy and opposed to the Lord.

The title “devil” (is not found in the Old Testament; means slanderer; means accuser; means demon).

Matthew 13:19 calls the Devil (evil; wicked; diabolical; deceitful). The wicked one

The title “tempter” suggests that Satan (solicits sin; fosters rebellion; plays upon men’s weaknesses; isn’t too smart). All but the last one

Biblically speaking which is more dangerous (the roaring lion; the lumbering bear; the old serpent; the scorpion)? Old serpent or roaring lion.

His work.

Satan’s ultimate goal is (to scare the life out of you; to kill you; to send your soul to hell; reign as God) Reign

In what way is Satan a god (worship; power over some people; power over aspects of society; mysterious control over some things in creation)? All of these.

Daniel 10, and perhaps Jude 9-10 show that Satan (has power equal to some of God’s highest angels; can enslave God’s saints; can steal dead bodies; can defeat Jehovah). Has power and authority

“Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this ___________, according to the _________ of the power of the _______, the spirit that now worketh in the children of ________________.”

“In whom the ___________of this world hath _____________ the minds of them which _____________ not, lest the light of the glorious ________________ of Christ… should shine unto them.”

The work of evangelism is to open sinners’ eyes, to turn them from darkness to light and from (cigarettes; alcohol; blasphemy; the power of Satan). The power of Satan unto God

According to Heb. 2:14 Satan has power to (levitate tables; make lights flicker; kill people; defeat God)

Our response to Satan should be (assistance; resistence; subsistence; persistence). I Pet 5:8-9

His end.

And the ________ that deceived them was cast into the __________ of ___________ and _______________, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be ____________ day and night for _______ & _______.

Satan is (read; doomed; to be feared; to be avoided). All